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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Avdima, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Avdima

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    I made Jinx from LoL as my character, but there are almost no graphics to support it. Currently I use this mod for hair (pic 4/5), but it's very far-fetched.

    So my request would one of these two:

    1. Help me make it. I don't know how to mod this game. I would need sprites for the main character, body, clothes and hair. I don't really believe in my pixel-art skills, but it's better to try myself than have nothing. After I am finished (if ever), I would like someone to compile it into a file that the game would read.

    2. Do it for me and have my eternal, meaningless gratitude. I don't know if I personally would do the copy-paste of Jinx's clothes or only stylise it, but in this case let's stick to the source material (that is the in-game clothes).

    I will be happy with hairstyle alone, as it's the thing that bugs me the most. Secondly, an upper body clothes that somehow resemble Jinx's style (I use the black shirt with heart and will most likely change it once I tame the Wizard). Thirdly shorts, the hardest thing to do probably.
    • Avdima

      Avdima Starship Captain

      I am following this guide step by step, and I just can't do this. The cmd doesn't recognize my E: drive, I write the command and nothing happens (no error, no direction change, nothing). Wasted almost an hour trying to figure that out, no answer found. This have nothing to do with the XNB Node, it's just Windows not wanting to go onto my E: drive, period. It works within C: (i can change directories) and doesn't work for D: (some error about driver not being ready, but it doesn't matter, it's not the partition I have game installed on).

      Just... I am out of words how something so simple can be blocked by Windows for some cryptic reasons I don't understand and can't even google properly, because I don't know all the professional terms to describe my issue.

      Whenever I try to look for the sprites, every place I found redirects to the guide on this forum (that's where I found the linked guide and XNB Node).

      I think I am putting too much effort into something so trivial.
      • She Meows

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        Just here to support (mentally) you.
        So excited to see more league mods<3
        • shaq35

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          i will keep tracking this thread, good idea.

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