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RELEASED Jaxine's Armory!

All of my Weapon Mods in one place!

  1. Crusism

    Crusism Big Damn Hero

    I feel so horribly teased. X'D

    Thank you so much for putting heart and effort in. ><''

    I'm actually rather thankful for the Hylotl katanas especially because I always felt them not being implemented amiss due to all of them hanging about - thinking there'd be a futuristic way to have katanas functional for combat use.

    That, and katanas - in general - strangely remind me of The Elder Scrolls's Blades faction, but I mostly like them in-game for the Hylotl/Japanese culture I'm setting up for roleplay. X'D

    Also, I was not sure about reporting this since you will most likely update soon: the latest version of 'Jaxine's Armory' crashes the game without showing any error after the Chucklefish logo is done laughing (scumbag laughing lol).

    I have yet to test whether this consistent crash is due to incompatibility, but I shall wait for the next update to see if this crash is still around then. =)
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  2. Jaxine

    Jaxine Pangalactic Porcupine

    I ran a test with only my modset installed. My starbound loaded fine. If anyone else reading this had an issue, contact me ASAP.

    Also, I promised the update to release last week. Then I got a new job! But the update is coming. Just... recipes... oh lord christ, recipes. And pricing. I could use a hand with that crap if anyone's interested. It would make my future updates release 250% faster! I... also failed math in school. Twice. But don't worry, that number is... totally... legit...
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  3. Jaxine

    Jaxine Pangalactic Porcupine IZ DUN! I just gotta upload it and write up the description for EVERYTHING. Here, have a screenshot.


    Confirmed additions are:

    -Traditional Hylotl Samurai Armor
    -Protectorate Elite Power Armor (with EPP)
    Protectorate Commanders Attire (hat, cape, pants and skirt)
    -Traditional Hylotl Samurai Armor
    -Eugine the Minigun
    -.50 cal Anti-Materiel Rifle
    -Floran Greenfinger's Bow (Wooden looking rock bow. Custom black feathered arrows. Arrow does not stay notched after firing.)
    -Ye Olden Legendblade (what the Legendblade looked like back in Starbounds very early days)

    Next update goals:

    -Desert Eagle handgun
    -500 magnum handgun
    -Scimitar (one handed, overhead swings)
    -Lightsabers, I hope. Damn code.
    -energy drinks. I think of this one cause I'm tired as hell, and ran out of ideas for tonight lol.

    also feel free to make suggestions!
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  4. Jaxine

    Jaxine Pangalactic Porcupine



    (sorry, I had to. xD)
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  5. Jaxine

    Jaxine Pangalactic Porcupine

    Jaxine updated Jaxine's Armory! with a new update entry:!!!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  6. Crusism

    Crusism Big Damn Hero

    Thank you for running a test for me.\
    Though strangely, in the latest update, the crash isn't happening anymore (as if it just went "what crash?" and poofed away); everything's alright now, so I'm very sorry for the false alarm. ><

    I see that you quoted the armour twice ( =P ), and thank you very much for it; it looks lovely... =)

    Though, I found something funny with the 'Traditional Hylotl Armor', which I shall share here via screenshot as I am not sure if you did this intentionally or not since you mentioned the recipe bit in the earlier posts.

    Armour as Weapon.png

    Did you purposely put the 'Traditional Hylotl Armor' under the weapons section? X'D

    Energy drinks do actually sound like a good idea; you can open a brand name and allow their vending machines craftable.

    Though, just a random thought: is there actually a way to increase attack speed (or reduce melee attack cooldown) via buffs or drinks in the game? O_O

    lol. Only Snoop Dogg can get higher than that. X'D

    Again, thank you so much for the Hylotl armour!
    I shall have it as my main armour for my other character with the non-grey skin, but, regardless, I am enjoying your katanas very much... =)

    Looking forward to what's new to come.
  7. Jaxine

    Jaxine Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hylotl armor should be dyeable too.

    And yeah, i noticed its under the Weapons section a while ago... and forgot to patch it. I make WAY too many things at once, i forget stuff. I'll patch that soon. i'M GLAD YOU LIKE THE MODS! ^^
  8. Jaxine

    Jaxine Pangalactic Porcupine


    Confirmed in next update: (finished mods.)
    - A vendor for items
    - Greenfinger's Spear (Poison, swings like broadsword but still has flurry special)
    - Greenfinger's Bow update so it does better damage. charged arrows will do more damage (same before) and be peircing.
    - Titanium Ultraspear (Electric, Broadsword attacks, shockwave hammer special!)
    - Zoro's katanas from One Peice
    - Floran Greenfinger's Outfit
    - Update to Eugine Minigun for new bullet projectiles and more terrain damage
    - Black .50 cal AMR, along with two laser sight versions in red and green. Will not replace the classic grey one!

    Future Plans (already building, chance to appear in next update)
    - Dragonslayer, Guts sword from from Breserk
    - A Scimitar (one handed overhead swing sword)
    - Fallout X-01 Power Armor
    - Martial Arts (bare-handed combat with different combos)

    Ideas: (not built, low chance of being in update)
    - A Rapier (one handed, and 2hand version with flurry stab special)
    - Jaxine's Battleaxe (Like a broadsword but will either have shockwave, a flamethrower, or fires like a gun!)
    - The Massacre's Chainsaw weapon
    - Batman grapplehook, and batterangs
    - chain climbing rope (unlimited)
    - Lightsabers... ugh code
    - FF7 Bustersword
    - Scythe (death scythe, death sickle, somthin like that)
    - Street Weapons (broken bottle, baseball bat, sledgehammer, brass knuckles, throwable bricks, tire iron, crowbar, chain (whip), )
    - GUNS! (Usi, desert eagle, .44 mag, .45 1911, .500 mag, AA12 shotgun, Browning M1919 chain gun, sawed off shotgun, redneck double barrel shotgun, DOOM BFG, Rail Gun, M4-16 assault rifle, Fallout Fat-Man nuke launcher, Alien Blaster pistol... Alot of witch will be available in black, silver and gold.

    Feedback and requests can strongly determine what makes it in and what doesn't!
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  9. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    First of all I really love the Protectorate weapons but, there's a slight issue on protectorselitesword.RECIPE, it was something along the lines with :

    "input" : [ { "item" : "durasteelbar", "count" : 25 } ]
    { "item" : "battery", "count" : 4 },

    And that caused a problem, something like .json. Since your other recipes are working fine so I mirrored them to see what's inconsistent and found out it should be something like this :

    "input" : [
    { "item" : "durasteelbar", "count" : 25 },
    { "item" : "battery", "count" : 4 },

    I personally corrected the structure myself so it works for me, might want to fix it in your next update.
  10. Inf_Wolf14

    Inf_Wolf14 Parsec Taste Tester

    Good catch finding that on your own, but...
    "input" : [
      { "item" : "durasteelbar", "count" : 25 },
      { "item" : "battery", "count" : 4 }
    I'm just slightly impulsive, don't mind me. xD
  11. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    There's more than those two materials underneath it but I didn't bothered to copy all of them, just a pinpoint is fine, or so I guessed.
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  12. Jaxine

    Jaxine Pangalactic Porcupine

    Yeah I'll fix that... I had no internet for like ever, but I'll fix it up.

    "input" : [ { "item" : "durasteelbar", "count" : 25 } ] <------ THERE'S THE F#@KER! One simple mistype.
    { "item" : "battery", "count" : 4 },
  13. Zanderfel

    Zanderfel Big Damn Hero

    I've made working lightsabers for a personal mod for me and some friends but they stopped playing so I have stopped working on it as much but regardless....I was wondering what issues you are facing in the code? id be happy to help :)
  14. dedal

    dedal Void-Bound Voyager

    steam support please... very much.
  15. Greenfinger Abibi

    Greenfinger Abibi Void-Bound Voyager

    Ooh, a greenfinger set??
  16. Jaxine

    Jaxine Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'd like to get it running on Steam and Nexus, but its alot of work to add a new mod, then update it in 3 places. I'm running out of muse and insperation too. I need to find a modding partner I can talk with, swap ideas/ resources with, get eachother amped up to do new stuff and what not before I even thought about going that route.

    Oh yeah. It's actually already done lol. I've just been in the dumps lately, haven't been down to make anything new.
  17. dedal

    dedal Void-Bound Voyager

    I think that your idea of protectorate armor is just the best. But this armor is too powerfull, or too easy to craft. Without the steam support i must use a tabula rasa to craft this.

    ps. Do you think about fuse it with Frackin Universe? I think that combine the dense alloy and advenced alloy was better way to craft so powerfull equipment.
  18. hydraaa

    hydraaa Space Hobo

    So, I've had this problem from first downloading the mod. I'm not sure what the cause of it is, I could be stupid and missed something clear. But, the situation is that I've went through the installation procedure and attempted some things just to be safe. Still, it crashes, and this is what it looks like (none of the files have been touched, that are inside the folder, I also tried with them separately alone in the mods folder but still didn't work):
    And the actual mods folder:
    I know the mods work fine without the Armory mod installed, but just throwing it out there to see if you know if any of these cause collision. I'm very fond of your work by the way, keep up the good work anyway. :) Hopefully I can find a solution to this problem, of course if anyone could help me out here I'd be obliged. Have a nice day.
  19. Toa_Derax

    Toa_Derax Pangalactic Porcupine

    Take the contents from the JAXINE'S ARMORY folder, and put them directly in the mods folder, and take JAXINE'S ARMORY file out.
  20. hydraaa

    hydraaa Space Hobo

    I have done that, it still crashes. Unless you mean the contents within the folders (such as the contents of Zicons, placing them directly in) probably wouldn't even make it function.

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