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    [​IMG] Tired of all the overpowered Greenhouse Extension? Like this simple and clutter free? Well this is the mod for you! My revamped greenhouse gives a generous, but not overpowered 15 X 15 plot of land for grow all those Ancient seeds! It is a perfect fit for an array of Iridium or Medium sprinklers. There are also 12 spots for Fruit Trees conveniently located on either side of the central plot. There is also a nice spacious area for chests, seedmakers, and other machines. This roomy Greenhouse is perfect for people using Automate to setup fruit wine factories!

    Image was taken from the editor. Standard .xnb installation. IE drop the unzipped file in the Content->Maps folder and replace the original.

    P.S. It appears that for some the warp point isn't working. I will likely have to create a SMAPI addition for it. It oddly enough worked for me, but not for others it seems.

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    • MoonlitBrenya

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      I would like to see pics as well. I am currently using a greenhouse mod, and can't really "test drive" this one without wrecking my current set up. I would like to see what this one's layout looks like before deciding to start over. Thanks in advance.
      • HopeWasHere

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        Here is a link to the mod on Nexus that shows what it looks like:
        • MoonlitBrenya

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        • JamieMage2005

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          I have to fix the warp point. It apparently doesn't work right for everyone, which will require a bit of work with SMAPI. In the next day or two.
          • MoonlitBrenya

            MoonlitBrenya Existential Complex

            no worries. let us know when it's all good.
            • Coolwyngs

              Coolwyngs Giant Laser Beams

              cool nice job\
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                  Thank you. The original is too small, but most mods are way too big. I'm looking for an addition to the farm, not a new farm. This is perfect. I don't care much about warp points as long as it works.
                  • epochalys

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                    so I followed the instructions given on the nexus page, but the SMAPI control centre says there are no locations installed? Could this perhaps be because there is no associated manifest.json?
                    • hiepbg

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                      This mod is great !
                      Did you fix this warp point, JamieMage2005 ?
                      • worldworld

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                        Warp point is still wonky. :nurusad: It warped me directly into one of my beans. Which seems to imply that plant and bar have impaled my farmer. :nurutease:
                        • texasniteowl

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                          As anyone had success in fixing the warp point? I love the size of this greenhouse, but even with Entoarox and ALL installed, whenever I enter the greenhouse, my farmer is placed in the lower left of the crop area, roughly 2nd row up from the bottom and 3rd column from the left. I suppose as long as I don't put any trellis crops there I shouldn't have any problems, but...
                          • Hakuna Matata

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                            I used the mod for a while and got the warp point issue. Besides that, it was great.
                            I’d also love if anyone would find a way to fix that

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