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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Androxilogin, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. Albertdcwsaefvc

    Albertdcwsaefvc Intergalactic Tourist

    When I exit the game my items disappear
    • demonhunter352

      demonhunter352 Industrial Terraformer

      This is a known issue that is waiting on Entoarox Framework 2.0 to fix. As I understand it, an SDV update altered the content manager in a way that screwed up EF and ALL when loading custom maps dependant on them
      • Androxilogin

        Androxilogin Cosmic Narwhal

        Thank you for clarifying, I've been away so long I don't even know what's going on with my mods anymore.
        • matt_tbj

          matt_tbj Space Hobo

          My SMAPI says:

          [SMAPI] Skipped 1 mods:
          [SMAPI] AdvancedLocationLoader\locations\ExtendedGreenhouse because its manifest doesn't set an entry DLL.

          Any known solutions?
          • Androxilogin

            Androxilogin Cosmic Narwhal

            Disregard that message, the greenhouse should still be working if extracted correctly. I've got countless reports of this bug on my other mods. BUT users previously mentioned in this thread about their upgrades/crops disappearing so you may want to skip this mod for now. I mean, your crops and upgrades should be there in the future, just inaccessible until everything this relies on has been updated
            • Diotheawesome

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              Very lame, I can give ideas but I don't like people not crediting me so my perma answer is no.
              • Androxilogin

                Androxilogin Cosmic Narwhal

                • Verne

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                  He's the same user you blocked recently on Nexus, if it helps...
                  • Androxilogin

                    Androxilogin Cosmic Narwhal

                    Oh, that makes sense. However his statement does not.

                    No one needs ideas from rude users with absolutely no class. If you haven't noticed, any mods that were a team effort others, are always credited as well. Also, I've been on indefinite hiatus for the last... Half a year?.. I'm really not fishing for any ideas here. As for your 'answer always being no', no one asked you any questions..

                    You seem awfully familiar..... Do you happen to offer downloads without popups or harmful?

                    Regardless, we await your stellar contribution. And lastly, bye again!

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