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    Tullehar here, i'll be posting old builds and new here as things move along

    The mighty cannon of this warship sits poised for fire
    Aft section showing decks and the coils above the wing joints
    an infamous nose
    Slightly less recognizable version of the Yt-1300
    guns readied up for combat[DOUBLEPOST=1413564904][/DOUBLEPOST]I am massively dislike the quality loss on this as it makes it horribly difficult to convert but here's the floran bird of prey
    I would love ANY help in removing that paralax while maintaining the frame, this will hopefully be the guideline for my very first ship mod. I give NO permission for its reproduction or claim to it. I spent far too many hours building it for that
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    Progress Report 2014-10-17_00008.jpg 2014-10-17_00009.jpg 2014-10-17_00010.jpg 2014-10-17_00011.jpg 2014-10-17_00012.jpg [DOUBLEPOST=1413594649][/DOUBLEPOST][​IMG]
    The entire thing has background now. Onto the various exterior hull parts

    More Changes:
    2014-10-17_00014.jpg 2014-10-17_00015.jpg

    I think I have the scale wrong, Can't seem to get the Disruptor right.
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  3. Ixantir

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    Hopefully I will be moving some of these images over to my tumblr ^^
  4. Ixantir

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    starting work on this and placing the WIP here
    The odd shapes near the sporepod are supposed to be vents: I almost imagine a gas cloud being pushed out as a secondary "Exhaust" if you will as the weaponized spores drift off toward their intended target, the hull would be adorned in a mixture of the usual floran manner but also with fungal growths like you might find in the Redwood Forest. These cell like ships would slip along via flagellum, and though one might be deceived into believing the first few of these scouts are slow as a result, there are stories of battles against frightfully quick space amoebas.

    -"These ships move like they are alive, unsure what they are pushing off of, they seem to glide along at quite a pace"-unknown

    This would be the wip sketch for t3 floran bioship
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    I really like the design of the ship you made that looks like its landed :D

    It looks like you have taken a lot of time into these. Keep going :D
  6. Ixantir

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    I know its been a while since i've posted in here, I'd love to keep it up, the lack of a ship builder mod (I miss you Madtulip) and creative mode has made this greivously difficult I'll probably start using /admin more often in lack therein
  7. SivCorp

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    Madtulip has a 1.0 shipbuilder mod out... I'm using it now to make my freighter.
  8. Ixantir

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    Hum I'll have to prod it again
    I use it for shipboard factories and stuff but without a creative mode mod doing so will be kind of late game
  9. Ixantir

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    I'm a bit BATTY these days. But I may restart on my b'rel
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    Started up a little microbase for production
  11. Ixantir

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    Surface base is done 20180607070053_1.jpg
    Dohaku slept through his first blizzard after the base was done. He looks so content. 20180607065553_1.jpg
    Next up a small landing pad with a craft on it, and building down into the snow below him.
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