It's All Over But the Scavenging of Typewriters and Glue - The Fallout Thread

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    That must just be the flaws of the games then, because they never show functional tech like this actually working, in-game except for Hoover Dam and HELIOS One.

    Everything else that works, does so magically even though it makes no sense for them to actually work.

    I mean, go to Fallout3 and look at how many computer terminals function without any believable source of electricity, or how many buildings have lights on inside, but there's no believable places the power could come from.

    The power lines (you can see many fallen over) don't look like they'd actually function, and indeed when you see the sheer state of disrepair the roads are in, you're going to feed me the bull that 200+ year old power line poles are still standing? lol. those'd be rotted up into nothing by then, left out in the elements.

    IRL, power outages happen yearly and that's WITH constant maintenance.

    They want me to believe that they'd survive for 200+ years with near-zero maintenance?
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    3 handwaves it in a few terminals as "some buried wires still have electricity", and I actually wouldn't be surprised if the pre-War US government had installed automated power plants just for that eventuality. That, or a surprising amount of stuff runs off RTGs.
    For NV, though, there IS plenty of advanced pre-War tech shown working, specially in the DLCs (Case in point: The Remnants bunker, which even they're surprised is still in working order). Not to mention the case of the B-29 in particular not only has the Boomers mentioning they used a museum piece for spares, but judging by how low it flies during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, it wouldn't be surprising if it's actual performance was much lower than a "proper" B-29 (After all, the real ones had engine overheating problems early on. The Boomers are likely aware and don't try to push it too far so as to not crash, considering it's likely in poor condition even after restoration and I wouldn't be surprised if they had to try and forge some of the parts, again including potentially inadequate materials)
    Now, note that the case of Vertibirds doesn't really involve much of magical apocalypse proofing: The Enclave had set up shop there before the war and rode out the Great war there, and it stands to reason they stockpiled other materials as well. The NCR-commandeered ones likely are as well-cared as possible and judging by how one is the presidential transport while few others are seen in use, it stands to reason that the numbers have dwindled and are most likely used in urgent flights. I wouldn't be surprised if they were mostly used for VIP transport.
    In the case of the trains, I'd say that the NCR using trains is actually quite believable: Assuming they're steam trains, then the main problem (fuel) is easily solved because steam engines don't need specialized fuel (I wouldn't be surprised if scrap wood unfit for recycling often ended up used as fuel, not to mention Sierra Nevada is apparently still forested), while condensers can be used to retain water as much as possible. If anything, it's more surprising that they play so little a role considering how much more mobility they can provide, but then again, it's possible a good chunk of the railways were simply restored and not originally laid tracks.

    If anything, it's the East Coast Brotherhood that's puzzling in this regard for having a sizable air force and having developed a new Vertibird variant on top of producing them in just 10 years while the NCR doesn't have an important air arm in spite of having more territory, resources and time (They were founded in 2189, and by NV, they cover a good part of California , parts of Oregon, Baja California and the game can end in them also obtaining the Mojave: while the Eastern BoS had 10 years, and holds DC, which is much smaller, and is moving into the Commonwealth, so, while the BoS did likely get the plans in 2 (After all, they do give you a copy so you can also give them to the Shi or the Hubologists), they should have a much lesser industrial capacity to mass-produce them in 4 than the NCR would by the time of NV, even assuming the NCR had to reverse-engineer them because they had about 40 years of headstart starting from the NCR aquiring ex-Enclave vertibirds(In fact, I'd say that, assuming some source of fuel is available or can be procured, that's not just enough to reverse-engineer Vertibirds if possible, but even enough to design brand-new aircraft, and considering how rare factions with air units are, the bar on usefulness is so low even something like a pre-WW1 Etrich Taube could be genuinely useful as a courier and reconaissance aircraft)
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    The power shortage have always been a werid topic in fallout, especially when it comes to the brotherhood of steel, as they used to go nuts over anyone using a laser pistol, To suddenly everyone having a laser pistol even thou energy cells being supposedly rare, and the brotherhood not giving a damn about it.

    Anyway bethesda gave the fans the greenlight to let them remake fallout new vegas with fallout 4's engine, and the fans have all agreed on that they even want to bringing in the cut content that new vegas was missing because of time limit the original fallout devs had.
    Many of the quest lines will make a lot more sense now that they will get the missing disclosure quests.

    Think i forgot to mention it here because i thought the thread was abounded last time.
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    In general, in the early games, energy weapons were both more powerful and rarer. In 3 and later, laser weapons can easily be compared unfavorably to plenty of ballistic weapons (The Laser Rifle in particular tends to compare badly to most assault rifles in the game). Laser pistols tend to only have mag size over other weapons, and in NV the main advantage of laser weapons is that energy weapon ammo is much more easily interchangeable than that of normal guns, so they never go useless (Compare to .22 LR which eventually becomes reloading fodder, 9 mm which can easily end up the same way but with casings to slightly annoy you, or 20 gauge becoming obsolete later on in favor of 12 gauge unless you pick the Cowboy perk).
    Now, in NV, it does make sense to an extent for energy weapons to be unusually common: Not only did Nevada only take 11 nukes, but by that point in the series, the West Coast BoS is a shadow of it's former self and there's plenty of ex BoS (Specially from war loot) and ex-Enclave weapons to make it's way to the market on top of the Van Graffs being a crime family that specializes in energy weaponry. Now, in 4, the BoS literally only arrived during the game itself, and in 3 they're more recent arrivals but one would think that the Outcasts going nuts over energy weapons (As they're actually the orthodox ones) would be brought up in the game (And honestly would help explain why they're considered to be evil by gameplay mechanics).
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    That will be awesome.

    Esp. the small QoL changes like seeing what's in a container before opening it and/or not having the game crash every 30-60 minutes when trying to fast travel.

    Though..... I wonder if they're gonna keep the old SPECIAL system or use the new one. I'm of two minds about it... I see good things in both.

    Also, I hope they don't screw with the challenge. Too many modders are tryhards who think everybody should have to work their butts off for a couple 9mm rounds or something. A lot of mods for these games are absurdly, poorly balanced and they assume everybody is a dark souls master.
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    They are bringing in the old SPECIAL system, perks and dialogue system, Because they want it to be a serious remake.

    They said that they are open to feedback from everyone so you could join their group and say what you think.
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    Ahh. That's good to hear.

    Seems like the team's goals are faithful preservation, and that's rather admirable. I'm not sure how close 1:1 is possible with FO4's engine, but it seems like the team is certainly trying to do just that.

    I kinda wonder, though, if Bethesda gave a green light to it, why not just use the original VA samples and just require the person on Steam to own FO:NV kinda like Enderal requires Skyrim?
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    You might have to own fallout 4 in order to get it since it's considered a mod for legal reasons, But then again new vegas was already originally made in the same way as a mod to fallout 3.
    They almost got sued for using the voice actors voice clips, so Bethesda came to a agreement with them that they get to make it if and only IF they use sound alike voice actors and not the original voice clips.

    It will most likely turn out like the fan made half life black mesa remake, but then again black mesa turned out to be the best half life remake to date so far. You might also have to pay for it Come to think about it, Since the fans have expenses to pay and they are putting a lot of work and resources into to it.

    Also speaking of good news (shorta Because it can be bad news as well), Microsoft just bought up zenimax the people responsible for so many awful decisions in gaming history including mass effect 3, battlefront 1, 2, And fallout 76 etc. So microsoft can now create fallout new vegas 2 with the help from both bethesda and obsidian. However the question is if they will keep the people at zenimax who are responsible for all those horrible decisions, and whether or not it's such a good thing that microsoft publishes fallout new vegas 2, and how well the bethesda team and obsidian team will cooperate together.

    Also there is no guaranty that the original lead writer to fallout chris avellone will be a part of that team, since he have gone freelance.
    I blame the The other woulds for being mediocre on the fact that they didn't have chris avellone on the team.

    It can be a dream come true, but those dreams don't always turn out as we expects.
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    Yeah, I remember seeing somewheres that M$ bought out Zenimax. That could be a good thing, and the way I look at it, is it can't be any worse than what Zeni/Bethesda had become with FO76 anyhow.

    And what's this about Zenimax and Mass Effect 3? I thought that was EA's thing?

    Anyhow, after that turd that was FO76, Bethesda was basically dead to me, Mr. Howard had completely forgotten what made games like Skyrim, FO3/NV/4 popular and seemingly turned his back on all of that. New bosses either might decide to axe him, or at least take control of him and remind him what made these franchises popular in the first place. M$ buying Bethesda/Zenimax couldn't possibly be worse than FO76. It might be just as bad, but once you're at the bottom of the barrel, you've only two possible outcomes; things will stay the same, or things can improve.

    Also, ME3 wasn't that bad. I know we all like to make fun of it, but... the core game itself, outside of a few small points, was actually half-decent. It's just the way they handled the endings kinda stunk. But the ending is what, only a small piece of the game itself? I get the argument of "if the ending is bad then there's no closure" and sure, that's true enough, but we can't act like the rest of the game didn't exist whatsoever.

    Outside of a few 'meh' parts in the story, the overall game was not that bad.

    EDIT: Also, maybe with M$ owning them, maybe they could actually progress TES6 a bit faster? And a part of me hopes that with new bosses... maybe TES6 will actually be okay. After FO76, my hopes for TES6 sank, because I could see that hubris and corporate greed had claimed another victim with Zenimax and Bethesda, and as such I assumed that TES6 was going to be another turd. But there's a glimmer of hope that M$ could perhaps turn it around.

    I'm still not gonna preorder TES6 whatsoever, but at least there's reason to try to hold out a small bit of hope.
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    Going a bit off topic, but heck.
    If i remember right zenimax is pretty far spread out, and they have been going door to door with the most popular games and messing around, and i am pretty sure they had a hand in Mass Effect 3.

    Also the thing about Mass Effect 3 is that they decided to fire the lead writer right at the end when all your decisions came together, but they desided that would cost too much money and effort, so instead they gave us those diffrent color endings which made no sense and was a gut punch for the fans. Then they tried to please the fans by giving them a patch with actual diffrent endings, but that patch didn't contain the promised feature of seeing the consequences of all our actions through out the games.

    Speaking of TES6, (i honestly don't really have much hope for it storywise after the dovahkiin dlc in skyrim,) but anyway, you better beware when you talk about wanting it out faster, You see what happened when the fans of CD Projekt (the most respected game company) finally snaped because of the overhype and managed to push out cyberpunk 2077 with death threats before it was even finished when the devs specifically said that they needed more time.
    Now think how TES6 would turn out if the fans Bethesda do the same to microsoft, it would be the most buggy half baked mess ever created, And believe you me developers carry grudges, so they will throw away the progress if pushed to it.
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    Yeah, I've never asked for a game to be rushed... that's always a bad thing. There's thousands of games to play, there's always SOMETHING to do while waiting for (insert game here).
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    Fallout 4 in a nutshell.
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    For the gun nerds of fallout

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    I'm surprised to see someone like the Chinese Pistol, even if it's only aesthetically (A pity they didn't give it the same treatment as the Chinese Assualt Rifle, which would have made it more than a novelty).
    I'm not surprised at him cringing at the Combat Shotgun (IMO Bethesda should have made something like the Winchester M1897 Trench gun. It just feels weird that the shotgun is mag-fed and semi-automatic).
    Fallout 3 overall shows it's dev team knew less about guns than NV's, but the latter is not exactly guilt-free (The 12.7 mm SMG makes about as much sense as the Combat Shotgun).
    As for the Sawn-Off Shotgun being, in his opinion, made as such from scratch, that's also rather heavily implied in-game: The Gun Runners can sell them, and you never see it's "normal" counterpart. As for the AMR, I'm surprised he didn't mention it's specifically based off the French PGM Hecáte II (Apparently, it was due to Josh Sawyer deliberately aoviding using the Barrett due to feeling it's over-represented)
    As for That Gun, I think it does make much more sense if one considers the original from the first game was actually a sawn-off revolving rifle (Those exist IRL, but are rarely popular) and NV's (At least the GRA counterpart) is pretty much a mass-produced version.
    As for the Minigun, IIRC the 5mm cartridge appeared in the first game already. I'm surprised he didn't mention that it's armor-piercing properties could explain why it exists, and that it probably alludes to the various low-caliber high-velocity experimental rounds that briefly got popular in the 90s (Think projects like the HK G-11 and it's competitors).
    Finally, I'm surprised it didn't mention the Service Rifle, given it goes as far as to depict the forward assist of the gun being used when jammed (Then again, from what I've seen, it has to be one of the few weapons in the series that are popular to copy into a real gun, being basically an early M 16, but semi-automatic and with wooden furniture).
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