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Discussion in 'Games' started by Jonesy, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Xylia

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    I think I found 2 Bobbleheads already, and the Special book so... that's 3 stats that won't be going to 11.

    No big deal for the first playthrough I think, I mean once you get high level and all the best gear it's probably already doubtful that much of anything is going to be a threat unless the enemies keep going up, still?
  2. Jonesy

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    I don't think it makes a huge difference. But I can get a bit obsessive over maxing my Intelligence stat. Since there's no level cap, experience points don't lose their value like when you hit the level cap in the other games. And more Intelligence means more experience points.

    Some high-level enemies do scale up with you, though I'm not sure if it's indefinite. It seems at least partly tied to location and the level you first enter it. Even on my high-level characters, I can still one-shot most of the enemies around Concord and Lexington. But in other areas, it's still a challenge. Super Mutant Warlords especially are just a pain.
  3. Xylia

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    It sounds like they did a similar system to Skyrim where when you clear an area, it locks it to the level you were when you cleared it. That's good news!

    And yeah Skyrim did something similar with the dragons... it took an obscenely high level to make the most difficult dragons easy, if they ever did get easy on default difficulty (which I don't play). Thankfully, FO4 is MUCH more reasonable on its default difficulty than Skyrim (which is next to freaking impossible without being a pro at the game).

    So, XP gains is tied to the intelligence stat? Sounds like I should be pumping that up some here soon, then. I started with I think 6 because I erroneously thought they reused the skill point system (the game doesn't tell you otherwise) and I always rolled with high Intelligence on FO3/NV just for more skill point gains.
  4. Jonesy

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    Yeah, it can be very cathartic returning to some of the earlier areas. Certainly makes up for the hell that is the southern super mutant dungeons.

    From the sounds of where you are at the moment, you should have plenty of time to max out your Intelligence stat (if you focus on it) before you stumble across the bobblehead.

    It's in the Boston Public Library, appropriately enough.

    There's also nothing stopping you from leaving it where it is, and returning for it later. I've done it on my Institute character, and I did that just today on my Railroad character with Charisma. I discovered it in the dungeon I was doing while at Charisma 9. I leveled up a little later in the dungeon, added the point to my Charisma stat, and went back for the bobblehead when I was done. Now, my Charisma 11 character finally lives up to his Railroad callsign; Charmer.
  5. General Nuclear

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    The original creators of fallout and fallout new vegas are making their own borderlands game

    its a mix of borderlands and new vegas in a marvel comics like guardians of the galaxy like world whats not to love.

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    So I finally made a "house"... well, more like a trader's bazaar and I got all the pieces to fit, though it was annoying at first... a few things I noted is how a lot of wall tiles in the same category don't even fit together at all very well, and I wish there was a way to resize things as some pieces are awkwardly shaped. I was trying to build on a house foundation that was in Sanctuary (one of those ruined houses that you scrap) and the stupid metal pieces were just slightly too large for the old foundation, but I managed to get something that looked decent (to me) up.

    One thing though... why are there no window tiles!? Doorways, yeah. Walls.... roofs... inside corners (but not outside corners unless you're using pipe-shaped pieces), but no windows. Anywhere.

    And there do not seem to be any stairs that will snap at all. There's scaffolding stairs (which is what I used but had to manually adjust which was annoying), but no normal stairs, and nothing that would snap in place.

    But at least I got most of that working, though I had to go with putting two wall tiles up next to each other to form a corner.... it leaves a small gap between the pieces that I find rather annoying. Would have liked to had corner pieces for the outside of the building, to be honest.

    Is there a way to interact with the menu that doesn't involve interacting with everything nearby? Accidentally grabbing the nearest thing is rather annoying when I'm trying to navigate the build menu, especially if I'm standing inside of a building that I built myself as every piece of wall, ceiling, etc are all objects you can interact with and it becomes impossible to position your crosshair to where you're not pointing at something interactable to navigate the menus with.

    EDIT: Will take pics soon.

    Also, I placed a Weapon Shop inside this thing... assigned somebody to it, they walked over and stood behind the stall but when I talked to the guy I just got his normal trade dialogue. How do you actually use the actual shop?
  7. moremuffin

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    The general problem with any Bethesda game is that they now pretty much take the opinion that "modders will fix it" and use that as leeway to be pretty lazy at fixing bugs. I still end up playing them anyway, but even about 2 weeks in my mod list tends to get pretty long with about a quarter of them being devoted to fixing things Bethesda just didn't bother with.

    As far as mods go I tend to start here and then fall back on google if I can't find what I'm looking for there.
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    I tend to try to play Vanilla first, to get a better idea of what is in the base game, and what came with mods. It's just kinda mind-boggling that Bethesda forgot to add windows. That's just... such a basic thing.


    So played it some more, and is it just me, or is the BoS ridiculously awesome for getting you levelups fast? lol. Between the BoS and Far Harbor, I've gotten several levelups rather quickly, I'm like 22 now heading towards 23 at a rather good clip because of the two repeatable quests that they have (and of course, XP I get while doing those quests).
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    You can snap scafolding stairs. First remove the 2x2 floor where you want the stair snaped, and put a 2x2 scafolding floor (they snap to any floor). Snap the stairs and replace the scafolding floor with a normal one. The scafolding stairs are much better looking than the wooden ones, and much more versatile thanks to the small stairs that if put together make one big, allowing for corner stairs. Settlers may not use them sometimes.

    Yeah the gap is annoying. I started using the warehouse and barn walls because they are way more versatile. At first I covered the gap with railings using the Place Everywhere mod wich I used almost from the start. Now with Workshop Rearanged there is an object called gap filler that snaps in these gaps. I really recomend those mods if you like building, and Faster Workshop so the menus don't take 5 seconds to load.
    Or you can put the Floor+Roof on the outside to make a balcony so the gap can't be seen.

    For windows, have you tried the outer caps? If you don't like them protruding you can snap them to one of the small floors in between the normal 2x2 floors.

    Your menu problem should not happen. You can use the arrows to move through the menus or Shift+WASD, I don't remember how it was with a controller. Including SHIFT+W and Shift+S to go up and down in the menu by the way.
  10. Xylia

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    It's mainly the Enter/Tab keys that give me the problems.

    Hitting enter while looking anywhere near a placeable object "uproots" it as the player "grabs" it and the Tab key does the whole "Do you want to store this in your workshop?" prompt.

    But yet, Tab/Enter are required for going back through the menus from what I could tell. Dunno about Shift+W/Shift+S might try that but the prompts on the screen say Tab/Enter so that's what I was using.
  11. moremuffin

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    You can actually use the up/down arrows for navigating through the menus. Up is basically enter and down functions as Tab, but they can't actually select anything in the menu only navigate it.

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