It's All Over But the Scavenging of Typewriters and Glue - The Fallout Thread

Discussion in 'Games' started by Jonesy, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Jonesy

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    From what I understand, Bethesda has two major projects in the works and won't be doing anything with ES6 until after they're done. It wouldn't surprise me if they shine more light on at least one of those projects at E3.
  2. Roskii Heiral

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    I would actually prefer you criticizing Bethesda to posting a silly video from Spiderman as a snarky reply to someone sharing a video. You seem to have completely missed that point, even though I took the time to explicitly state that that was the reason I called you out in the first place.

    You dislike Bethesda, I like Bethesda. I play most of their games on PC, so I don't care how they treat console players (its harsh, but true). I love the elder scrolls, so I don't mind them finding ways to incorporate elements that work well in those games into the fallout series. To date, I've probly put the most time into Fallout 3 of any Fallout title, but I've already mentioned that I like them all.

    So yeah, feel free to post about how much you hate fallout 4. To be fair, its pretty entertaining to hear someone bitch about it so much xD

    Just realize that my initial problem with you was not your opinion about Bethesda (the impression you seem to be under), but your dismissive approach to someone sharing a video they felt added something to the discussion. You also, in your dismissive push, failed to add anything at all to the conversation of the thread. This includes your self-proclaimed biting criticism of Bethesda (which will never hold much weight with people who have been playing and loving their games for decades).
  3. General Nuclear

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    Anyway lets talk.

    LASER PISTOLS! :iswydt: Pu Pu Pu
    fallout laser pistols.png
    I mean the old school laser pistols looks way cooler then the new ones,
    But then again the new ones looks way more realistic then the old ones.
    But the old ones look more practical and easier then the new ones.
    But the laser weapons are suppose to be hard to use.
    But it doesn't make sense that the laser pistols suddenly have recoil again now because its laser after all its just light and the stock on the laser rife was only there to help you aim and to hold it stable which makes sense, not to hold back any recoil.
    Also its way more fun to just burst with the laser gun in 3 and NV without having to worry about the recoil pu-pu-pu-pu. then to only shot like pu.. pu.. pu.. for every second because of the recoil on it. if you get what i mean like it is with the plasma gun.
    but the old school and the 3 and NV had different energy ammo types which many found confusing because they looked the same except in the old school games, while others felt that it brought more to the game and it was more balanced.
    so what do you guys think old or new? if we could choose what should we have kept.
  4. Xylia

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    Yeah, the Laser Pistol in FO3/NV just look......silly? I mean, who exactly thought that was a good design for a weapon?

    I would also say that the 10mm pistol looks kinda dumb too, but apparently that's actually modeled after a real-life gun, so eh. lol.

    Still looks silly.

    That's one thing that FO:NV has other 3... the 9mm looks way better and it's far easier to aim with.

    EDIT: Also another thing about the laser pistol/rifles.... the damage on them is so ridiculously low. I've pondered now and then of doing an Energy Weapon run, at least in FO3 and I'm like.... eh..... all you get are a few laser pistols/rifles and they do absolute crap damage.

    At least in NV you have the rechargeable pistol and with some weapon kits, you're set. Also, it does more damage IIRC than normal laser guns.
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  5. Roskii Heiral

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    I'm a huge energy weapon nut. Its almost always one of the skills I pursue. The saddest part is that there is rarely a really great one to pick in late game (without modding one in).

    As far as looks, I really like the fallout 3/NV model. It looks unique enough, but still has that techy/junky vibe that I enjoy in a fallout game.
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  6. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    Mmh, I suppose if you want the zeerust tech type thing? But meh. I like more sleek laser guns myself. lol. Space-age and all that. Though the bottom-left, while not sleek I think is a happy medium. Functionality with a decent looking design too.

    As for late game energy weapons.... yeah, they're rather lacking... though.. isn't the Tesla gun considered an energy weapon? I had insane amounts of fun with that thing in FO3... though sadly they nerfed it bigtime in NV and I think there's only 1 in the whole game anyways.
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  7. Roskii Heiral

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    I'm not sure, I know the alien blaster is probly the most popular, but it gets rough with ammo.

    I'm all about less sleek and more salvaged looking, especially in a fallout environment. That being said, I love all energy weapons xD
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  8. Xylia

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    I don't count the Alien Blaster because of how rare the ammo is. Now... in FO3, you do have the Mothership Zeta weaponry, but even that is of somewhat limited quantity. They give you a huge amount of ammo at first, but once you finish MSZ, you can only get small bits of it from the kid now-and-then.


    That unique big coil weapon that fires the grenade launcher-like projectiles (the one near the weapons testing facility that spawns enemies) is OP as all crap.

    The facility itself is an effortless Level 30 exploit; if you go there early in the game you can just levelup clear to 30 in there by repeatedly spawning (and killing) enemies with that ridiculous weapon. The only problem is that if you're playing on console or a weaker PC you will eventually crash if there's too many corpses laying around in that room. PCs have a command to despawn corpses, but console does not IIRC.
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  9. Roskii Heiral

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    I just enjoy leveling the old fashioned way xD

    So much to see and explore along the way
  10. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    Yeah, I was just mentioning that it exists. The weapon is still hella fun though, even if OP. You can do lots of stuff with it, like lob energy balls over walls or off ledges and kill junk where they can't return fire.

    That's one thing that NV gave us that FO3 never had, Grenade Launchers. Well except for that one-and-only weapon, anyways.

    Always fun to whip one of those badboys out and have fun with enemies that can't return fire.
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  11. Arnust

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    You know that NV knows what's up when the preorder pack gives you a unique 40mm China Lake, lol.

    And anyway, in most of the games the schtick of Energy weapons, especially lasers, is to build Critical hits, as they usually have a big chance and multiplier to be expanded on with perks. That and coupled with perks can indeed make Energy awesometacular, like say Fusion. Honestly, when I look at 4's Perk Chart it feels like a wasted opportunity that the vast majority are passive stat increases when the game has allegedly better combat and has it more on focus whre stuff like that would work wonders.

    I do miss the good old days of Fallout 1 where you could shoot one of if not the strongest weapon in the game, the Turbo Plasma Rifle for like 2 AP making you able to shoot 3-5 times PER TURN, as a result of Fast Shot + Bonus Rate Of Fire + High AP. I think they nerfed it in Fallout 2 but thst had even more banger weapons to choose from.
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  12. STCW262

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    Energy weapons in the newer games generally are pretty ugly: Laser weapons tend to be too boxy, plasma guns (In 3/NV) look like their parts are exposed (Except for the Plasma Caster and the Plasma Defender, which are weapons from the first two games) and generally, out of the two games, the OWB weapons, the Gauss guns (Which now don't look like a refurbished assault rifle), and the Tesla Cannon look cool, rather than being eyesores (And the former mostly look good because they look like they're straight out of a B-Movie, which fits with the DLC in general).
    Althrough it also feels as if energy weapons in general have undergone power creep: In the first game, they usually were rare, but powerful. In the second, they were available in New Reno (Althrough finding good ones took longer), 3 makes laser weapons so common finding one shortly after exiting Vault 101 and having a decent amount of ammo is just plain too easy, while NV can give them right at the start, and, again, only the most powerful ones are worth it, consideirng their lower ammo diversity.
    The Tesla Cannon in NV is pretty powerful, specially the OWB unique one, which pretty much renders any other ECP-using weapon obsolete, and fires quickly for it's monstruous damage and lack of spread.
    As for the "normal" one, it isn't unique, althrough only 2 vendors sell it in the entire game, and one of them is Gloria Van Graff, so one of the companion quests can make that source unavailable (The other, IIRC, is the Great Khan Armorer), altyhrough using the normal one is hardly worthwhile when the Tesla-Beaton prototype is arguably easier to find (Which puts it in a similar situation as the Gauss Rifle).
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  13. Xylia

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    My main beef with the NV versions is that IIRC, it uses 20 ammo per shot. You chew through ammo like crazy with the stupid thing.
  14. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    The Plasma Caster and the Plasma Defender is actually based on the original plasma pistol from fallout 1 but without the scope also that again is known as said Plasma Defender in FO1.
    but that is no surprise seeing that obsidian wanted to try and take as many elements from the old school games into the new one.
    you can also find the original plasma rife from fallout 1 in NV.
    i really liked that they tried to include every weapon from all the fallout games in NV.

    But i really dislike that they didn't include the original shooting sounds from the guns from the old school games because they meant that they sounded to ridiculously loud for those types of guns.
    Like they hell they where yeah! But thats the whole point!
    who need a silencer? when i can get a amplifier instead. I want my enemys to hear me coming from miles away so if they know whats good for them then they stay the hell away from that way and me for a while.

    This would make all the fallout games so much more intense.
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  15. STCW262

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    the normal one uses 4 (As does the Tesla-Beaton. The OWB one uses 6), unless it's the unpatched game, which did indeed have such a steep cost IIRC.
  16. Xylia

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    Hmm. I could have tried it back before the patch, and dismissed it to never try it again.
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  17. Roskii Heiral

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    My favorite outfit in Fallout is the elder robe, so I made one for rimworld =3


    also gonna make an elder lyons version

    (I wish it had been in FO4)
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  18. General Nuclear

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    I just found out that the Lobotomites in fallout new vegas old world blues and area 51 where originally supposed to be in fallout 2 but was cut because they didn't have the time to add it. But it was later added to new vegas instead and you can still see a picture of them in one of the loading screens in fallout 2.
    also area 51 was changed to The Big MT.





    Only proves that cut content can make its way back to a franchise to make it way better. and old world blues turned into one of the best and craziest dlcs.

    Now if they could only add the cut first aid mini game and make some mini games for the other skills like repair then that would be awesome.
  19. Roskii Heiral

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    Wanted to drop this off here, it reminded me of this thread:

    Makes some really excellent points
  20. Xylia

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    I've been meaning to watch that, I've seen it pop up on my front page a couple times but haven't had the time to do it yet.
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