It's All Over But the Scavenging of Typewriters and Glue - The Fallout Thread

Discussion in 'Games' started by Jonesy, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Roskii Falfeather

    Roskii Falfeather Ketchup Robot

    I'm thinking about getting the mod that makes you able to change your villager's names.

    I wanna see how close I can get to recreating the cast of Stardew Valley xD
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  2. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Oxygen Tank

    LOL I can see Sebastian already, sitting by the computer inside a vault!
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  3. Roskii Falfeather

    Roskii Falfeather Ketchup Robot

    I'm thinkin about getting the season pass, I've been so busy with work I haven't had the chance to sit down with them yet.

    Do you guys use the DLCs? What are your thoughts on them?

    Edit: I've been reading the previous pages, but I'm not fully caught up. So sorry if you're tired of discussing the DLCs xD
  4. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    In general, you should get Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka World. The former isn't overly long, but has a 2 - 3 hour questline and adds the pretty neat robot building mechanic. The other two have significantly more content, complete with their own separate maps.

    If you have at least some interest in settlement building, you should get Wasteland Workshop and Vault-Tec Workshop. Both have things that will make settlements more interesting and less of a hassle. Vault-Tec workshop also has its own questline about the size of Automatron (maybe shorter if you rush through Vault construction), and is rather enjoyable.

    I can only really suggest Contraption Workshop if you really enjoy settlement building. It's got a couple of neat additions, like warehouse structures and manufacturing machines, but there's nothing you can't live without. In fact, if you're thinking about getting it and are already eyeing off everything above, you may as well get the season pass if the price is reasonable.
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  5. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Oxygen Tank

    I am VERY slowly experiencing them, I havent listened to the Nuka Radio yet, but I know that place well enought to know I WILL PAINT THE TOWN RED WITH RAIDER BLOOD!
    I really love Far HarbourX3 lovely place! reminds me of home! and the place is REALLY ... uhh, I dont know how to describe it, but its foreboding, sort of dreadful, but not in an overwhelming manner! it does a good job at warning you thru its imagery of its dangers!

    As for Automaton? Ada is a lovely robot companion with a very interesting bunch of possible modifications (you re also able to mod any robot you create/have, so its a GREAT DLC)

    I got the season pass because it was like... what, 7 coins? supah cheap

    Ahhh I drank too much coffee and juice!!

    Edit: trying to build a device, the quest says I can ask help to any of those gits in the 3 factions, but it also says I can "seek help"... who do they mean by that? I do not want to involve any of the so-called "factions" in building this device.

    further edit: tried building said device...

    for some reason videos show thepieces snapping together, but in my game, they do not seem to behave accordingly, and it does not seem to function until they are correctly snapped... I will try later, maybe another day, maybe find the person that thought it was a good idea to come up with a settlement building aspect for a mission and show them what the inside of their own skull looks like
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  6. Arnust

    Arnust Big Damn Hero

    If you want to pay a dollar for minutewhile that the thing lasts :V

    Anywho I'm playing Fallout 1 now for the aforementioned podcast. While it's amazing n'all, the sequel did really nail it in, well, mostly everything. Also it's way shorter, or am I that good? :smug:

    Meanwhile, have some Fallout:

    And one of my favourites:

    - I'm curious. Are you with a particular group?
    - I with me
    - Then for everyone's sake, I hope you serve a worthy master. Are you a maker of war, or peace?
    - Pizza
    - That's reassuring [...]
  7. Roskii Falfeather

    Roskii Falfeather Ketchup Robot

    I feel like they could do alot with runes and wards for town defenses. They've never really been used well so far.

    I could also see something like automatron, where you could build your own atronaches to do your bidding

    I just thought of a mod I'd totally recommend when you said this!!

    Have you tried Old World Radio? I actually listen to it irl at work xD

    The radio is one of my favorite parts of Fallout ever, and this mod takes it to a whole new level!
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  8. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Oxygen Tank

    I hadn`t thought of modding the radio... I wish someone would put ole Ray Charles` songs in the radio... I mean if they did Stray Cats, why not Charles?

    ooooh I remember this video actually, I was go glad someone was putting the Red Army Choir in FO4... I must have forgotten it existed! thanks for reminding me, Lonely Travis can only be entertaining for so long
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  9. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    I've maxed out affinity with Gage, which was supposed to mark the time I begin gearing up to purge Nuka World of raiders. But I accepted a Minutemen quest shortly before, with a settler being all "You've got to help me, they kidnapped my son! :cry:" and me being all "Don't worry. We'll rescue him. :viking:". But then I got a "Gage hated that. :devil:" notification, so I'm now going to do as many Minutemen quests as I can in order to get Gage to leave me. I can't lose his perk, but it should be funny to piss him off.

    Also, I'm working on making Spectacle Island a combined above-ground Vault and Deathclaw sanctuary. The experiment is to see if humans and Deathclaws can coexist, with the help of the beta-wave emitter from Wasteland Workshop. Should be... interesting. :mwahaha:
  10. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Oxygen Tank

    You sound more and more like Institute material, welcome home brother! in fact... you sound a bit TOO Institue... where`s the real Jonesy?!

    In all seriousness though, what is Gage's perk? I kind of want to try your method if its worth it... then I am gonna stab him, stun him with a baton, stab him again and have Cait play xylophone with his rib cage
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  11. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    It's kind of fun thinking of different ways to set up 'experimental' settlements. Maybe a really vertical one set in a 2x2 tower? See if I can't completely screw up the pathfinding...

    Gage's perk is +5% experience from killing enemies, as well as +10 damage resistance. Not hugely gamechanging, but a hell of a lot more useful than the "Do X when health reaches Y" perks that some of the other companions give you. Definitely worth getting before you kill him.
  12. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Oxygen Tank

    I was trying to build the... device for the you-know-what that involves you-know-who on the fourth story of my only settlement... which is way up in the sky! (not that far high, im unsure at what point it ll break the universe) Ill take screens if I can get it running AND making noises! (it bugs and "starts up" then doesn othing)
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  13. Roskii Falfeather

    Roskii Falfeather Ketchup Robot

    I'm thinking about learning to mod Fallout 4 just to add the Elder Robe from 3 and NV



    They were so awesome and I miss them xD
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  14. Higuera

    Higuera Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    One, didnt know this thread existed until now. Two. DO IT. I've killed hundreds for clothes that i liked. Even if i never wear them(also you should do the tesla cannon too!)
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  15. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    I'd learn to mod just to do an Elder Scrolls total conversion set in Elsweyr. I'm sure the bulk of the content can just be reskinned, but I imagine it could get very technical very quickly in some places, and that's not really my cup of tea. I tend to stick to writing these days.

    Edit: My Deathclaw sanctuary is working better than I expected.

    Fallout 4 Deathclaw Diner.jpg

    "You look like someone that could use a drink."
    "Here's what I've got."

    That's right; captured animals are at least partially subject to the same routine as settlers, and will go to a food stand at dinnertime. I even witnessed them filing into the building, so it's a good thing I used those wide hallways for once...

    It would also seem that having captured hostile creatures causes attacks by that same species. I fast-travelled in and was attacked by a couple of mid-level Deathclaws, since I had one in a cage. Don't know if that applies to ones roaming free, since I have three Deathclaws roaming and none in the cages.

    On a side note, I abandoned Operation: Piss Off Gage. I wasn't getting his affinity down fast enough, even with console commands. I've sent him back to Nuka World, and will clear it out once I've leveled my endurance a bit and maybe found a good legendary to use. Some sort of minigun, preferably.
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  16. Roskii Falfeather

    Roskii Falfeather Ketchup Robot

    You've seen this, yes?

    warm sands~
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  17. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Yeah, I discovered that a few years ago. Quite a good mod in terms of atmosphere and setting, but is a bit forgettable in terms of gameplay and some of the level design. Still a lot of fun, though.
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  18. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Oxygen Tank

    Wait, how in the blue blazes did you convince Deathclaws to join your settlement? or to be captured into it?!

    Whats this Legerdemain?!
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  19. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Wasteland Workshop adds cages you can catch creatures in, including Deathclaws. If you have a beta wave emitter built, typically hostile creatures you capture will be friendly instead.
  20. Arnust

    Arnust Big Damn Hero

    Finished Fallout 1.


    What a classic. Gameplay wise, it's sequel overdid it in every aspect, but atmosphere and setting wise, it's the good old roots, and as much it tries to be dug back up, there it'll stay.

    Play it if you haven't, it's on the 15-30 hour margin.

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