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Modded It's a Battle Royale!

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by Albirei, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Albirei

    Albirei Phantasmal Quasar

    I'll be honest, I read up on the forum rules, and I wasn't 100% sure which sub-forum this truly belonged to, but this was my best logical guess. If I was wrong, I apologize to the mods in advance! Anyway, without further ado, the main topic:

    I would like to test the waters here. I have a wonderful idea for a type of multiplayer battle competition here, so here's the pitch:
    We log everyone onto a dedicated server that I would be hosting for a tournament/survival game where just about anything goes (with some ground rules and settings). There are certain mods that everyone would need to get in order to make it interesting and more fun (specifics on those particular mods TBA, for surprise value).

    Everyone would create a new character under the "Hardcore" option, and any further adjustments needed to be made could then be done from there. We would move everyone's ship to the same coordinates in the universe to start them off (I will help make that happen for you, and keep you fed in the mean time). We will then load everyone's inventory from a set of pre-selected items (via admin commands), warp everyone down to the starting planet I have selected for you, and brief you on any special questions you may have at that time. There will be NO exploration/crafting/mining/etc. permitted yet.

    You will then have FIVE MINUTES (number is subject to change) to chat with each other, size each other up, get to know each other, figure out who your allies/enemies/neutrals will be, if you intend on going against the world solo, etc... Any SOCIALIZATION that you want. But it will be in front of everyone. Do not wander from my field of vision. Do not explore/mine/craft/etc.

    At this time, I will make sure everyone is fed to full, and then release you to do as you please for THREE MINUTES (number is subject to change). At the end of those three minutes, I will activate PvP mode for the server, and the game will become much like a Hunger Games type of contest. You can do ANYTHING (other than try to cheat) you want. You can make allies, kill enemies, betray allies, lie low, systematically hunt everyone down, use server wide chat to tell everyone where people you don't like are located, use it to lie and lure people to their doom, stalk players until PvP is activated so you can kill them right away, etc... ANYTHING TO WIN IS ALLOWED. To prevent cheating, once you die, please save and quit immediately (to prevent people from being tempted into talking from the grave). If you die before PvP mode is activated, you still lose. You died. Game over. No second chances in this game!

    Obviously, the only win condition is to be the last player standing. Yes, you will eventually have to fight your friends if you all make it that far. It should go without saying that in hardcore mode, when you die, you stay dead AND you drop ALL your stuff. If someone has a nice shiny weapon that you want, you might consider killing them. ;D
    There is no limit to how you can play this game. No time limit. No limits on where to fly your ship (if you get that far). No limits on building a fortress or crafting gear that could help you. Do as you please.

    If you have to leave the game due to time constraints in real life, you will be considered dead and not get to return later. If you simply disconnect, we'll discuss the best solution (if it is short and unintentional (and didn't affect your chances of death) you'll probably be allowed to continue; long or purposeful, you'll probably be DQ'd from the game). If, on the off-chance the game goes on for too long, then I will allow the surviving players to save and quit, and we would pick another date to finish what we started. If players deliberately attempt to make the game never end for the sake of trolling or making it not fun, I might just perform some admin commands to fix that. ;D

    The point of this thread is to measure/generate possible interest from people would would love to compete in a game like this, or similar. I am also open to suggestions/adjustments for the purpose of making it more appealing and fun for everyone!
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  2. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Giant Laser Beams

    Help me read.PNG
    Nice to read, still idea is good though seriously change the colors .____.
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  3. Albirei

    Albirei Phantasmal Quasar

    Thanks for the input! Colors are changed to be more neutral. I should have known people would have different forum themes.
  4. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Giant Laser Beams

    Now it's perfect :) Thanks!
    EDIT: Also what would happen with players who came to the server with lets say 3 legendaries?
    Would that be considered cheating?
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  5. Albirei

    Albirei Phantasmal Quasar

    Players would be creating a new character for this. They are supposed to start with just the shirts on their backs, and whatever items I add to the mix (equally given to everyone). Everyone would start with the same exact gear. No armor, the broken sword, one canned food (and with everyone else competing with you for the starting planet's food, you will need it!) and a flashlight (Or maybe no flashlights to make night and caves scarier and deadlier! I haven't decided yet.). Maybe also a Tier 1 pistol (the same kind for everyone), if it would make it more enjoyable for everyone. Your ship's locker should not even be touched until I'm done changing what's in it. While we set up, I would give people food as needed to keep them alive before we start. Everyone should skip the introduction chapter as well, so nobody gets extra dirt, medicine, or pixels compared to the people who decided not to do that chapter (if you desperately want to wear that flower or cape, I suppose I could spawn one in). Coming over with gear defeats the whole "hunger games"/survival feeling we're going for. This also means nobody should have access to the teleshop or any abilities yet. The plan is also to make it more interesting with very specific mods. Frackin' Universe, Frackin' Races, and certain race mods (TBA so nobody knows precisely what to prepare for) should be expected. These will give you inherent abilities and crafting options that makes your character creation part of your winning strategy!

    I'm hoping for and anticipating at least 16 players, with a maximum of 32 (if we get so lucky!). So it will be quite the exciting and deadly challenge! Full of mayhem and just trying not to get murdered at first, and then slowly unfolding into a battle of the minds, with preparation and cunning. This is the reason for moving all your ships to the same universe coordinates. If you manage to go to other planets, others may also be trying to do the same, and you'll possibly still run into them even when you get higher tier ores. It would be exciting to see things like three people all dueling to the death on a moon while the Erchius Ghost chases them down, or someone getting ambushed in the dark while mining for core fragments, and getting pushed into the lava. Or to see a group of people fight over a patch of tungsten just so they can make the first EPP and get a head start on the good gear.
  6. Iceball457

    Iceball457 Phantasmal Quasar

    Count me in!! Hunger games (as a video game not in real life) is a fun game, and it would be fun to see a lot of people join the fray!
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  7. S.A.A.

    S.A.A. Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Seems fun.

    Perhaps everyone should be given perfect armor and then 2+ tier 6 unique weapons to go with it. That should definitely spice things up.
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  8. Albirei

    Albirei Phantasmal Quasar

    Well that would kind of defeat the purpose of forcing people to compete for resources, pushing the action almost all into the late game. I mean, there will be "special quests" given to all the players during the game that yield "unique rewards" (not gonna spill the details on that). The greed for big treasure ought to spice up the action without spoiling the main theme!
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  9. the alien dog

    the alien dog Aquatic Astronaut

    This sounds pretty good.
    Maybe if no one dies then everyone gets tier 2 or 3 gear,
    Also, I am new to multiplayer and I'm wondering how to get this server. Please help
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