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Bug/Issue Items disappearing, NPCs have no disregard for their lives...

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Brekke K'ktus, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Brekke K'ktus

    Brekke K'ktus Void-Bound Voyager

    There are so many smaller issues with the game, right now, and I can't even remember them all since I notice something while playing, but then forget about it until it happens again (and it always happens again), but these are my most recent and most common problems:

    • Items keep disappearing, when I know I took them and had room for them, but then they are not in my inventory!

    • Items falling on the ground unnoticed, because my inventory is full, and subsequently disappear, example: I went and bought a teleport - paid my dues, teleport core disappeared from my inventory and then it fell unnoticed on the ground, because, while you are in the shopping window (or opening a crate) inventory and the other window always snap to the middle of the screen thus obscuring the view of your character (or other nearby crates) and because there is no message (a visible one at that) that informs you that your item won't fit - so my teleport fell to the ground and I went to my ship - 30 seconds later on the planet I realized my mistake, but alas!

    • NPCs are stupid and keep dying- I had a quest to save someone, so I stood a while back and blasted the kidnappers from the distance – the instant they died the victim teleported to my position and as I started to go back to the quest-giver, the stupid NPC jumped into the pit with spikes and stood there until it died. (it couldn’t follow me since it doesn't have a double jump, but it still jumped pitifully - to its death) - also while in villages - if they are not soldiers, NPCs usually just stand there and let themselves be murdered by wildlife. I am starting to have much less populated villages (it is especially annoying if they have a guest to offer and then they die because of stupidity...
    • Not to mention progressive lag (in single and multiplayer) - as I discover more of the universe - lag gets more pronounced.
    • Followers get accidentally clicked on in the fights and thus stop/start following you, and if you told them do stay there by accident, they will not stand on that spot but wander around - usually away from you so you have to chase them to tell them to follow again. This coupled with how stupidly they die (jump into lava lakes, poison, stand on the mines or in the spike pits) makes them pretty useless.
    These are just few of the examples and few of the problems that surfaced since the update to 1.0 and I really need them fixed. :(
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  2. Kulsius

    Kulsius Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Not to mention little UI "problem"- like bottom half of inventory isn't suitable for anything with relevant info in description (like, weapons) because floating description just snaps from mouse at position so bottom of screen usually just cuts description, making player to move inventory higher or swap some item places to see full item description. A bit annoying imo...

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