Tutorial item names for /spawnitem command

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    if anyone needs a good source of the item names in starbound you can visit this website.

    you can type in what item your looking for and it will tell you the id, description, and name, and value (legendary,common,rare). http://starbounditems.herokuapp.com/all its really useful if your looking for what you want so you can get it quickly
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    There is also the in-game command-based alternative itemid:


    /itemid <bagSpecifier> <slotSpecifier>

    Dumps item information to the command line.

    bagSpecifier is a number between 1 and 6 or one of the following (case insensitive).

    1. bag
    2. tilebag
    3. bar
    4. essentialBar
    5. equipment
    6. wieldable
    7. swap
    slotSpecifier is dependent on the bag type.

    If bagSpecifier is bag (1) or tilebag (2) then slotSpecifier is a number between 0 and 39 inclusive.
    If bagSpecifier is bar (3) then slotSpecifier is a number between 0 and 9 inclusive.
    If bagSpecifier is essentialBar (4) then slotSpecifier is a number between 0 and 2 inclusive.
    If bagSpecifier is equipment (5) then slotSpecifier is a number between 0 and 12 inclusive or one of (case insensitive).

    0. head
    1. chest
    2. legs
    3. back
    4. headSoc
    5. chestSoc
    6. legsSoc
    7. backSoc
    8. tech1
    9. tech2
    10. tech3
    11. tech4
    12. trash
    If bagSpecifier is wieldable (6) then slotSpecifier is either 0 or 1 or (case insensitive).

    0. lefthand
    1. righthand
    If bagSpecifier is swap (7) then only 0 is valid.

    /itemid 4 0
      - or -
    /itemid essentialBar 0
    Item at InventorySlot : { type : essentialBar, location : 0 }: [beamaxe, 1, {"maxBeamWidth":11,"blockRadius":4,"minBeamWidth":9,"maxBeamJitter":0.4,"canCollectLiquid":true,"minBeamJitter":0.2,"tileDamage":3.4}]
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    Also, that site has been linked to at least 72 times on these forums in the past 16 months, so I'm not sure linking to it again is considered a "tutorial". But hey, if more people see it before they ask I guess it works.

    Edit: StarboundMap has also been linked to 22 times, but it's nice you're trying to help I guess.
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  5. Varixai

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    Feel free to edit it. Or can you tell me which part is outdated?

    I checked it against the Nightly just 7 days ago.

    Edit: Just checked it against current Nightly and Stable, and it seems correct. "Essential Bar" is not on either.
    Edit 2: Okay, will add essential bar soon(ish), and double check ingame.
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    Cool, didn't know about that one.[DOUBLEPOST=1434758355][/DOUBLEPOST]essentialBar is not listed in the description but is a valid parameter (NIGHTLY). The other parameters have had their UID's incremented to accommodate the new addition.
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    Thanks. I added essential bar and made a completely new Item ID Command page. I overhauled the format for that page, hopefully it is much clearer than the previous description.

    The Commands page now links to that one as well.
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    Can you replicate this btw? If so, you may want to add an additional word of caution (bug-note) until it's fixed.
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    That seems like a bit of an outlier case, and to be expected honestly.. With it printing over 2,400 characters in chat and 4,800 in the log at the same time, then those 2,400 characters again when chat is opened.

    I did add a warning though.

    Edit: Altered the warning. The info you linked looked like it does when you spawn weapon/armor with a custom color, but I guess that's just how the game colors it as well.
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    Awesomesauce. FYI, the weapon in that bug report was a legitimately generated weapon, it wasn't modified in any way, nor was it spawned in.
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