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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Rgbunpro, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    So this is basically fine, the only thing is that the mutation perk always starts at 0. That Stat levels up as you play.
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  2. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    Ok, I'll respec them.
  3. The Alonne

    The Alonne Ketchup Robot

    Wait, ISTBE is open?! AND I WASN'T ALERTED?! RIP me! ;w;
  4. Higuera

    Higuera Cosmic Narwhal

    Pretty sure it's been open for a while :V
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  5. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    Let me know when you've done that and I'll have a second look.

    It's always open m8 :p
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  6. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    I have put the points into melee and stealth.
  7. The Alonne

    The Alonne Ketchup Robot

    Well, I was never alerted about my character or the RP being active, so yeah. ;w;
  8. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    Name: Killik

    Physical Strength: 10 (10)
    Knowledge: 10 (10)
    Speed: 10 (10) [5]
    People Skills: 10 (10)
    Survival Skills: 10 (20) [+5]
    Physical Resistance:10(5)[5]
    Mental Resistance: 10 (10)
    Fortune: 10 (10) [-5]
    Mutation: 0
    Melee: 10 (10)
    Ranged: 10 (10)
    Stealth: 10 (15)

    Appearance: Looks like a normal human, but with greenish grey skin, small tusks, a third eye above his right eye and an extra two arms which he can wrap around himself to hide under his jacket.

    +Mechanic; enjoys repairing devices and other things he finds.
    =Humorous; enjoys making jokes and being sarcastic.
    =Quirky charisma; sometimes says strange things by changing words.
    -Arachnophobic; Hates spiders and will not knowingly go near them.

    Pack rat

    Special ability: Quadridextrous; has four arms and is proficient with all of them.

    Backstory: Was quite young before the apocalypse, so when things started going down he was at a refugee camp in a museum of technology, the radiation killed most everyone there and left him severely mutated.

    Starting Inventory:
    Colt M1911
    1 Full clip (9 Bullets)
    2 apples
    3 slabs of meat (Jerky sort of stuff)
    2 Wooden scrap
    1 Monkey wrench
    1 Metal scrap
    1 Electronic scrap
    Okey Dokey, Accepted You may start posting whenever you want.

    Did you make a character? That must have been like forever ago.
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  9. The Alonne

    The Alonne Ketchup Robot

    @Rgbunpro Yeah, I did.
  10. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    Ah, well I believe you were making one in middle of me changing the app around so it was all weird. You should probably make one from the current application.
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  11. The Alonne

    The Alonne Ketchup Robot

    Aye, I'll check that out later if I'm still interested in the RP. A lot has been going on and I'm unsure if I can commit to it, so idk.
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  12. endlessneverland

    endlessneverland Tentacle Wrangler

    Just a question about Warlocks.
    Are they able to turn into animals, or non-humanoid creatures, or are their abilities limited to only be able to change into forms that are "human" in nature?
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  13. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    Hmm, Well I never really considered having them turn into animals before, but I don't see why they shouldn't be able to.
  14. endlessneverland

    endlessneverland Tentacle Wrangler

    Well if that's the case, would I be able to choose 1 animal to change into? And possibly as I level I could choose 1 other animal at a time? (Kinda how like magic leveling works?)
    Just suggestions lol, I'm perfectly fine only being able to turn into 1 or 2, as to not be OP.
  15. endlessneverland

    endlessneverland Tentacle Wrangler

    Here's my app, I just chose to go with one animal.

    Name: Altair Circe
    Race: Warlock
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27


    Physical Strength: 25
    Knowledge: 18
    Speed: 30
    People Skills: 30
    Survival Skills: 10
    Physical Resistance: 20
    Mental Resistance: 20
    Fortune: 20
    Magick/Mutation: 0
    Weapons Proficiency: Staffs and similar weapons, though she often resorts to hand to hand combat.
    Melee: 20
    Ranged: 7
    Magick Weapons: None
    Stealth: 30

    Appearance: Altair is a toned woman, standing at about 5'5" and weighing about 115lbs. Her jet black hair is cut short in a messy mohawk like fashion, and her electric blue eyes stand out against her white skin. Her outfit typically consists of a black, hooded jacket, and baggy black pants that end just after her knees. Her shins and torso are wrapped in bandages, and she wears black combat boots, fingerless gloves, and a black bandana that covers the bottom half of her face.

    + A good tracker/hunter
    + Quick on her feet, able to react quickly in most situations.
    * Slightly pack oriented.
    - Not very good with ranged weapons, as she was never taught.
    - Sarcastic, which can get her into trouble.

    • Living Library
    • Slicing & Bonking

    • Able to turn into a small, black wolf with a white stripe from her chin, down the center of her chest ending where her front legs start. Her eyes do not change in colour.

    Backstory: N/A

    Starting Inventory:
    Laser pistol
    1 Full battery (9 Charges)
    2 apples
    3 slabs of smoked/dried meat of varied types
    2 Wooden scrap
    1 Steel dagger
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  16. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    It sounds like a pretty neat idea to me.

    Looks good to me, Nothing too ridiculous here. Accepted You can start posting whenever.
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