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  1. TeamTyler

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    Name: Sara
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Physical Strength: 2
    Knowledge: 0
    Speed: 50
    People Skills: 20
    Survival Skills: 3
    Physical Resistance: 3
    Mental Resistance: 4
    Fortune: 10
    Magick/Mutation: 0
    Weapons Proficiency: 1
    Melee: 4
    Ranged: 3
    Stealth: 3

    Appearance: Untitled.png
    Traits: Dumb, clumsy, fast, annoying, on an eternal sugar rush
    Backstory: Got dropped when born. Godmother got sick of her and disowned her. A ditsy dumb blonde.
    Starting Inventory:
    Colt M1911
    1 Full clip (9 Bullets)
    2 apples
    2 Wooden scrap

    Well this will be interesting won't it
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  2. The Alonne

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    There is a base of 10 in every stat, max of 40 when adding your 120 skill points into every stat. There should be the weapon type in proficiency as well. You forgot to classify negative, neutral, and positive traits. Forgot the perks completely. Overall, a lazy application that failed to even add perks or traits properly. Please, if you actually want to participate redo your application properly.
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  3. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    But that's my point though, if you had both second wind and quick learner they effectively cancel each other out. So basically you get the bonus of second wind without penalty which just doesn't seem right to me...

    According to my number count you've used 115/120. Also where is the +5 Mental resistance bonus from? Also unless my math is wrong, your people skills is messed up. 15+20-5 would be 30 not 25

    I see you've gone for the troll approach. Here's the full list. Stats (Apart from magick/mutation) Aren't allowed to have less than 10 as a vale, They are also not allowed to have more than 30 as a value to start with. You have 0 perks, this should not be the case. Basically this isn't going anywhere at all.
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  4. MilkCalf

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    I think that should be allowed, at least the stats part. Tyler wants to play an underpowered character and it doesn't really affect others.
    I'm guessing he thinks traits affect the stats.
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  5. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    1. I wouldn't allow stats to fall below 10 (Which is average) without a perk that says so, and they have no perks. Also I've done this long enough to recognize trolls when I see them.
    2. He and I have had that discussion already.
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  6. TeamTyler

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    I wasn't trying to be a troll? I just don't want to be an overpowered person, I didnt really understand the perks
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  7. Firebird Zoom

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    I might make an app, but, then again, maybe I won't.
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  8. The Alonne

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    Name: Riley Watt(heh)son
    Race: Cultist
    Physical Strength: 15
    Learnedness: 25
    Speed: 25
    People Skills: 30 (+20 - 5)
    Survival Skills: 15
    Physical Resistance: 25
    Mental Resistance: 25
    Fortune: 15
    Magick: 1
    Weapons Proficiency: Staves, rods, staffs ( Magick )
    Melee: 15
    Ranged: 20
    Stealth: 25 (+10 + 5)

    : (You may choose up to ten traits, but they must balance each other)
    Positive: Smart, dexterous (better pickpocketing), silk tongue, mentally tough
    Neutral: Wisecrack, kind
    Negative: Thief, ineffective with anything but spells, physically weak
    Perks: *Magick Ninja, Pack Rat
    Starting inventory: Element resistant robes, standard staff for casting spells, dagger, two pre-made sandwiches, a sleeping bag around the back of his waist, two raw packets of meat, one apple, medium-sized backpack with spare scrolls and previously-mentioned food.
    Magick elements: Light, Ice
    Starting Spells: Ice, Flash
    Fixed again. Also, I thought that Cultists get a bonus to mental resistance for some reason. xD
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  9. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    They do, that's why they start with 15 mental resistance instead of 10

    How does this equal 25? 15 is the base for this stat, 15+20-5 would be 30, not 25.

    Also I'm thinking that under weapons proficiency I should add Magick weapons right up there with ranged and melee. My Notes also say I should add the quick learner perk and an Under powered perk.

    Also @Lokion123 , I should've posted this yesterday but here it is man.

    Physical Strength:10
    Speed: 33 (+23)
    People Skills:20 (+10)
    Survival Skills:25 (+15)
    Physical Resistance:20 (+10)
    Mental Resistance:24 (+14)
    Fortune:20 (+10)
    Weapon Proficiency
    Melee:18 (+8)
    Ranged: 35 (+25)
    Stealth:25 (+15)
    Appearance:White Rabbit Anthro with black parts, brown eyes, 6ft 3in, strap with quiver on torso, cargo shorts with a bag attached, cloth wrappings on hands/feet, and sandals
    Loyal:Will likely not betray allies until discovering a betrayal.
    Occasional Smartass: Can sometimes say something that either gets a laugh, stare or a fist to the face.
    Fur: Cannot sweat like a human and requires more water after activity.
    Parkour: Over 1 year of practice has allowed them to refine techniques such as "Wall Running" and the "Skill Roll"
    Expert Marksman
    Mutant Ability:Slow Time:Can slow time down until a certain speed, excessive use can cause side effects such as:Nosebleeds, Headaches, Fainting, and Hallucination, talk to your doctor to see if "Slow Time" is right for you "Slow Time" is not responsible for any destruction of spacetime that may occur, If you try to sue us we will sue you harder...
    Starting Inventory:
    6 x Brandless Granola Bars
    1 x Refillable Water bottle
    1 x Homemade Bow
    9 x Homemade Arrows
    1 x Standard Emergency Axe
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  10. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    So is this officially complete? Should I convert to the new stat system?
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  11. Higuera

    Higuera Cosmic Narwhal

    Pretty sure, why i put mine in finally :V
  12. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    Unless anyone else puts more holes in my apps, Yes I think it's done. Feel free to convert. In fact you guys probably all should when you've got the time.
  13. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    How does this look?

    Name:Charon Fabris
    Race: Mutant (snake-man/snake with arms/naga)
    Age: 17
    Stats [base+add+bonus]
    Physical Strength: 25 [10+5+5]
    Knowledge: 22 [10+12]
    Speed: 26 [15+16-5]
    People Skills: 27 [10+17]
    Survival Skills: 30 [10+15+5]
    Physical Resistance: 30 [15+15]
    Mental Resistance: 10
    Fortune: 5 [10-5]
    Mutation: 30 [10+20]
    Weapons Proficiency: (You may choose one as main and gain a bonus)
    Melee: 18[10+8](main)
    Ranged: 10
    Stealth: 22 [10+12]

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Red eyes, white scales, 500lbs of pure muscle and no legs... (Forgot to draw backpack because I'm a dingus...)
    *Special Power – Magic siphon: Magicka has no other effect when near him as it is painfully absorbed by his body... Not that he can use any of the stored Magicka, but his blood works as an excellent mana battery and could probably work for making Magicka restoring potions... (Thankfully, He's grown more tolerant of the pain, though it still hurts...)
    +Serpentine - Strong torso/body/tail, powerful dislocatable jaws, slow and efficient metabolism, incredibly flexible spine, excellent night vision, sense of smell/taste, and honed pit organs, his kidneys are quite a bit more durable than the average human as well...
    +No longer cannibalism - Over the years, he's grown more comfortable with eating more intelligent things... If they're deplorable enough anyway...

    •Toy maker - His father was a toy maker, as is he. His favorite toy to make are marionettes for puppet shows...
    •Grave digger - He's developed a habit of digging graves and making headstones for people he cared about... If someone he knows dies, he's going to make a grave for them when he can...

    -serpentine - No legs, cold blooded, carnivorous, has to eat very large meals and has to sleep them off as well, strong gag reflex, bad sight in light, scrawny arms, sleepy in the daytime, only two fingers and a thumb, among other debilitating traits...
    -Insecure - No self confidence in himself and really nervous around others. Very self loathing for being a mutant and not a human... As good as he is at convincing people, he's really bad at talking with them and is quite shy... His mild autism doesn't really help...
    -Masked man - In order to hide his snakelike appearance, he wears a mask to guise his face, large work gloves stuffed cotton, a XL hoodie to hide his body, Marionette legs to give the appearance of a human, and a large blanket to help conceal his tail... Unfortunately, he seems to be lacking in the mask department, and would prefer to make one when possible...

    Huge!: Being a massive snake large enough to swallow a person whole has its benefits... And its downsides...
    Survivalist: With as much experience with crafting as he does, such skills translated well to the apocalypse... Unfortunately, he seems to be a magnet for bad luck...

    Starting Inventory:
    Colt M1911(no ammunition)
    2 packets of beef jerky
    3 lbs of raw ground beef (freshly ground, stored in resealable ziplock bags)
    2 Wooden scrap
    1 woodcarving knife
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  14. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    Okay so If I'm understanding the way your stats are set up correctly it's (Base stat) + (Number you added) + (Bonus) and if that's the case, my math says you got 140 points there bud.
  15. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Strange... my math says otherwise...
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  16. Firebird Zoom

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    Please spoiler this.
  17. Jareix Cryvix

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    Fixed... I hope
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  18. Firebird Zoom

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    It is.
  19. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    Let me do a recount then. Hmmm, I guess I miscounted cause now it's coming up 120. Aw well, I'm not perfect.
  20. Rgbunpro

    Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

    @DustyScabbard I have scrouged the Tomes and found a couple of entries that Kora probably read. I'll probably do more later. Let me know if there's anything specific you want me to write about look for.

    Magick and How to use it

    Most folks think magick isn’t real, or simply that ‘real’ magick is mirrors and card tricks. This is not the case, real magick is being able to use the elements to your advantage. To focus them where they otherwise would not be focused. Real Magick lets you shoot fireballs and freeze lakes. It’s a shame more people aren’t aware of it.

    If you’re reading this book it is most likely because magick has piqued your interest, it is also likely that you don’t know much about it. Well fear not my friend! I’m here to help. You see, magick is a strange and wonderful thing, it’s all around us, inside us, we just don’t know it.

    Let’s start with the basics, “How do I use Magick” one might ask. Well it’s simple but also complicated. You see, all humans have a sort of magical stamina known as “Mana.” If you want to cast a spell you need to have enough mana to do so, not having enough will likely exhaust you, and depending on the level of spell you’re trying to cast, might even make you black out. So don’t try casting huge spells on your first day.

    “How would I get more mana?” You might ask. Well Mana is kind of like a muscle, if you work it out it gets stronger. The more you use your mana, the stronger it gets. With that in mind I find it’s a good thing to try to practice simple magick every day.

    The Elemental Spirits

    Long long ago, far before mankind was around, the elements existed, they have always existed. Many know this, and yet few know that the elements themselves are beings, they have physical forms which they sometimes use to interact with us. These are known as the elemental sprits. There is one for each element.

    The elemental sprits are powerful, some of the most powerful magical beings to exist. One can learn very much from an elemental spirit, however they are not easy to find. It is often said that one must travel to the corners of the earth to seek one out. This is not necessarily true, It is my recommendation that one goes to where the element they seek is most prominent.

    It is this one’s humble opinion that one should do their best not to upset the elements, for if they were out of balance it could spell disaster for us mortal folk. Be wise in your wanderings and patient with yourself, and all will be well.

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