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Discussion in 'Support' started by Prash, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Prash

    Prash Aquatic Astronaut

    Hi, I just decided to join these forums.
    I have an ultrawide monitor (2560*1080) and I wanted to play halfway at that resolution fullscreen.
    If I launch halfway it opens in windowed mode, so I go to the graphics settings and set the resolution to 2560*1080 and press apply. I get a window that is a little bit to large, so I toggle on fullscreen to get it to fit on my monitor.

    All of a sudden the game disappears and I see whatever is under it (all the other open windows, though I can't interact with them. I also can't press the super/meta key to open multitask view and switch to another program and alt-tab also doesn't work, so I restart my PC.

    I couldn't get full screen to work, so I found a way to change the resolution in such a way that the windows fills up the space between the upper and left task bars, using the settings.json file (If I set full screen to true, the same thing happened as before). Is there a way to fix this problem? I couldn't find anyone else having this problem...

    I use Manjaro Gnome 64-Bit.
    • Seminus

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      Hey Prash,
      Sorry to hear that you run into this issue. Could you drop me an email over at hello (at) robotality (dot) com with some more information about your system so I can get our coders involved in this issue.

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      • Prash

        Prash Aquatic Astronaut

        I send you the email with more details about my system, I hope this can help you resolve the issue. I am glad that you replied so quickly.

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