Boss [ISSUES] Dreadwing the Penguin

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Madolinn, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Madolinn

    Madolinn Aquatic Astronaut

    Hey guys, been playing the new nightly updates to Starbound and I finally got around to finding the first boss.

    Overall, not too happy with it.

    Some issues:
    • Dreadwing is incredibly tanky. Using a sword I managed to hit an 8 with my great sword, and my submachine gun I hit 3s. I opted to use the gun because there was no reward for hitting him with the sword. It still took me about 5 minutes to kill, while cheesing.

    • Can't place blocks or mine blocks to create safe areas. I know the original problem with this boss was that you could just burrow yourself underground and shoot him until he was dead. But now that we can't do that, he's incredibly frustrating. His laser bullets do miniscule damage, they're more of an annoyance. His dive however, is ridiculous. Taking a decent chunk out of your health while being almost undodgeable. Since I did not spend either of my 2 free tech upgrades on Dash Tech, there's no way to outrun the boss to dodge the damage. The only other way I managed to do it, twice, during the entire fight, was to coax him into diving one direction while I go the other. However, this only works when he's directly above you, and you have to hope he doesn't turn around and move insanely quickly to catch you.

    • Spewing out tanks is silly. The tanks have the same issue as the boss - incredibly tanky. But on the other hand, they do absolutely nothing. If they are spawned onto higher ground, which they almost always are, they can't aim lower than horizontal, so they sit there doing nothing.

    • The boss is still cheese-able, and is the only practical way. Enter the mission with a 1handed ranged weapon and a shield of at least 100 HP. Kill everything on your left. Shoot the boss. Run all the way to the left of the screen, through the spikes, until you hit the invisible wall. Now stand here the entire fight and shoot the boss. The Boss's dive will hit the invisible wall and stop. Kill the mobs he spews out first, dodge rocket launcher penguins. After certain HP percentages he'll reset to spawn position to lay down tanks. Follow him. Sometimes he'll get stuck here for the rest of the fight and won't attack. Keep shooting for 5 minutes until he's dead. Yay.

    • On death you lose all ores and some money; these do not stay there for you to pick up later. Upon restarting the mission, the world is recreated and all your items are now lost. So sad. Can we get a warning beforehand about this sort of thing if this behavior stays?
    That's all. Everything else so far has been coming together pretty nicely. Keep up the good work.
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  2. Borvis

    Borvis Subatomic Cosmonaut

    A note, using the invisible wall is one of three ways to cheese him that i know of.
    The others are as followed:

    Stand in the deepish puddle near the middle of the map and duck. Shoot him until he starts slamming down on you, but he wont be able to reach you in the pond which leaves you open to stab him while he's stunned. Rinse/repeat.

    The other is to stand on the left side of the map and shoot him while he's offscreen, because tot rigger hima ttacing you hacvet o go past a certain point. Really really easy as well...

    THough pretty much if you want to do him legit without spending hours on it you need dash tech a gun and a shield which goes against the 'playhow you like' philosophy.
  3. fallingorbit

    fallingorbit Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    They should let people deal with bosses however they want, even if it includes building a bunker.

    I think their approach to the "problem" is kind of a bad solution, but it's the Dev's game not ours, right?
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  4. final272

    final272 Void-Bound Voyager

    Honestly i had no problems with the bosses. Yea, they can be pretty difficult but that is what makes it fun.
    A battlefield that isn't in your control and you have to fight to their standards to win.
    I always though (before the nightly update beta) That going underground and shooting from below was a cheep way to win.. However building a bunker can also lead to this problem, unless the bosses can break the block of course.

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