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Discussion in 'Corporations Archive' started by kenmario, Apr 28, 2014.

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    What about piracy to control inflation and other "black market" tactics?

    I had set up my old corp to be headed by the Triads (yeah a gang) to handle the back end of shady dealings.

    I think along with competition and purpose, there also needs to be an element of dread. There needs to be something that can cause stress to a corporation... cause drama is what drives interest. Look at the corp that Killer Snowman made. It succeeded because there was always conflict, something to overcome.
    All these current ones have almost no conflict... boring.

    Now for the other ideas...

    Instead of a central bank, perhaps it should be a main investor? Perhaps frame it into an expedition into an unknown sector. This investor gives each corp the starting capital, and fills the holes where needed. Once everything is running, he can "cash out" and the corps can run the sector independently.

    A main hub (and main server) is a great idea. who's hosting?

    I like the scoreboard idea, except that it will deter new players to join... and that is not something we want to do. An obvious advantage to the starting corps and a great disadvantage to any newcomers. So I would be a bit leery about it.

    I do like the corporate licensing idea. A good idea for keeping corps current and checking up. Also, I would make it a % based fee. And that $ is what can be loaned out to new corps as well. Win, win.
  2. kenmario

    kenmario Corporate Co-Chair

    The corporate licensing fee is a win-win here. Have a admin set company that is considered a sort-of government, that keeps an eye on other corps, hands out licenses, and gives start-up money for a price later on. If we were to say that the forum mods and admins were from said corporation, adds a slightly better sense of roleplay. I wonder if it would be possible for more experienced users, trustworthy ones, to set up their own kind of loan and license company later on? Big risk their, but other time, could help the forum be self supporting, with admins only needing to deal with events, rule-breaking, etc.
    I like the idea of events, but it would be hard to implement properly. Minor events that affect only certain types of corporation would be better, as itcan become more rsalistic that way. For example, an event could like 'researchers find way to develop mobilephone chips cheaply'. This could resul in less purchases for mobile phones that are more expensivethan their cheaper counterparts, for example. Personally, I'd prefer to worry about the main system before delving too deep in the project. We shou@d develop asystem plan before we start heading into this, to help us organise our efforts.
  3. I remain somewhat wary of incorporating servers into the actual transaction business due to the myriad number of problems involved. When the game updates, some people may not download it as fast, or some people using the Unstable branch, and it would limit the audience to those who have possession of Starbound. While that would be recommended it certainly wouldn't be as beneficial.

    If there was some way to make a website that can handle all that transaction things, it would be the best route.
  4. illGatsby

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    Certainly a major concern. Would lead to similar problems that are seen in real markets with the speed of discovery. However, I think that possession of a copy of Starbound is key - how else will goods exchange hands? I don't know that a completely virtual RP without consequences or product would be as interesting to write or maintain.

    As I see it, these are the basic components of an exchange:
    • Corporation registration (issue: how would fees be "paid"/"collected"?)
    • Contract posting, assignment and execution (issue: track prices and provide some sort of value?)
    • A reporting function that tracks fulfillment and delinquency (issue: could lead to a kind of reputation score?)
    • An economic function that show transaction volume, speeds, et al.

    Any more ideas? I know I probably missed some in my basic gloss.
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  5. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    I would label these all as...

    - licensing fee
    - stock market (buy and sell)
    - credit rating
    - stock market (tickers and such)

    Again, if we frame the RP as an exploratory business venture funded by a "parent" corporation, all the setup fees and structure make more sense.
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  6. LeeJohn

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    Sorry for the necro, but I think that my idea can be quite valuable to this topic.

    The way I see giving a life to all your guys' ideas, is developping a tracking app and having admins of the forum incorporate it into the corps section. I don't know much about economy, but such app would be responslible for things like:
    And more...

    I know that this sound like a huge and too ambitious project, however, I believe that sort of an overlord would be better than admins looking after the place.
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  7. kenmario

    kenmario Corporate Co-Chair

    I like this. I like this a lot.
    Honestly, I want to keep this up and running for as long as possible - I want as many ideas and thoughts on what we could and can do to help make this lively once again.
    Tell you what, I'll see if I can draw up some graphs and charts to show our plans so far, as well as more ideas for what different companies can do...

    Keep an eye here, I should have it up within the next day or two.
  8. LeeJohn

    LeeJohn Phantasmal Quasar

  9. kenmario

    kenmario Corporate Co-Chair

    Due to some issues, mainly a loss of software, graphs and charts will not happen. However, I have started the process of writing up a lengthy design document. Don't know when it may be done, (I estimate 1.5-2 weeks, if you guys want it looking pretty) but it should allow us to get a basic idea of what'd we'd need to pull together to handle and create such a demanding and awesome project.
  10. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Google docs it kenmario! Then people (via PM, and only ones that are really interested) can also aid in the formation of this.

    I like the ideas, LeeJohn. There also should be a way to generate income via NPC's, as that will be added to the game... As well as the Outpost gates and such spoilered just recently. For I think Farming, Landlord, Herbalists, ect. will become corps soon too.
  11. LeeJohn

    LeeJohn Phantasmal Quasar

    I'll read about the NPCs and in the meantime please explain what do you mean by "Outpost gates"?
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  12. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Its described in Todays dev blog...

  13. LeeJohn

    LeeJohn Phantasmal Quasar

    Yes, I've read it yesterday, shortly after posting.
  14. TheDr.Awsome

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    the way I would do it is to set up a corporation super server were the members of a corps can trade build and gather pixels together but of
    course cause greed wars over prime territory (though I dibs the center of the univers and I'll fight for it)
    EDIT:I actually posted this before i saw the other thread sorry
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  15. kenmario

    kenmario Corporate Co-Chair

    Yeah, that's sorta the way we're trying to avoid doing it - we want to make something cool and complex, rather than just grabbing some pre-made software and running it. I imagine we want a way of actually keeping these forums alive or to create something new, rather than destroying the community we've already built up here.
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  16. Yo guys-

    what do you want me to do with the Corporations subforum as it is right now? What can I do to help get things going again? Do I need to move old threads to an archive?
  17. Dave Combine

    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

    *suddenly hyperventilates*

    Oh, um, let me make some sort of organized and not-spread-out plan of what we're all compiling here...
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  18. Sledra

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    ahaha the corpies didn't realise we were paying attention to them it seems.
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  19. Dave Combine

    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

    Okay here we go:

    1. First, we need to completely wipe the section itself, deleting all threads including popular corporations and the rules and such. So, in other words, delete the subforum ( if you guys can ), and remake it. This will be so the thread is less cluttered with dead corporations, and will influence others to help start considering they have an opportunity.

    2. Next, we have to make it so that eveyone starts on the same track, and has some of the same abilities of everyone else. To do this, establishing a sort of main-hub ( hint: a big ol' bank ) for everyone will do. The hub will make sure everyones corporations needs and questions are answered. They could give loans if a company goes bankrupt, they could ask for loans, they could have stocks that others could invest in, etc. They would also help with just OOC questions and stuff.

    3. There needs to be a set economy, to make prices more realistic and to prevent inflation. The old corporation section would just spawn random money for themselves because it was convenient and no one else said they couldn't. Well, to fix this, the bank should have a set amount of money ( Maybe one trillion pixels? ) and give every starter a set amount of money ( Maybe 500,000? 1,000,000? ). This would be so that a person that's new to the whole thing doesn't instantly get funds of a bagillion and starts selling overpowered stuff, because that's just not right. :p

    4. There needs to be production lines. This was introduced by Nababoo, I think, but whoever mentioned it was right. Production lines would fix the amount of dullness there is to the old subforum. Here is a comparison with a gun manufacturer with the old and new production line:

    OLD PRODUCTION LINE: Make gun --> Put gun on menu --> Sell gun for profit

    NEW PRODUCTION LINE: Ore is mined for parts to be made --> Parts are made with ore --> Parts are sold to gunmaker, transfered via transporter --> Gunmaker makes the gun (duh) --> Gunmaker either sells the product himself for more than he bought the parts with, or he sells it to a company that sells it and splits the income

    This would remove most - if not all - of the boringness that the old subforum holds.

    5. There needs to be random occurances or problems that happen. This would make corporations to think twice whether to invest in that one cargo transporting company that has a high risk of going bankrupt. There isn't much to say about this, because there is a whole load that could happen.

    So that's basically all of the major things that need to be covered. There are definitely a lot more that should be added, but starting with the basics is what we need to focus on. However, I'm still trying to figure out how to prevent everyone from making a mediocre weapon manufacturer :/
  20. kenmario

    kenmario Corporate Co-Chair

    Haha, wow.
    Well, yeah. The idea is similar to what Dave's got above (basically the same - Good job, Dave!)
    A few basic corps would be managed by a few to work in sync as an example, but the general gist is just wipe or preferably archive what've got and start afresh.
    Most ideas in this thread were for a complicated project that could takes years to complete, but our aim is to get this section restarted.

    IMO, Moderator and Admin wise, archiving the thread would probably do. The few of us left will try to get this section back up and running.
    Oh, and thanks for this opportunity! Let's try and do this!
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