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Bug/Issue Issue selling multiple animal artisan goods

Discussion in 'Support' started by ChewBecca, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. ChewBecca

    ChewBecca Space Hobo

    This is for Xbox One. Encountered something recently after I purchased a bunch of new animals for my farm. Whenever I sell multiple artisan animal goods EX 10 jars of mayonnaise, it'll only show up in the nightly log as one jar sold and only give me money for that one jar. It does the same with the duck mayonnaise. My cheese is also completely disappearing as if I had never put it in the box and I am not receiving money for it at all. Anybody else encountering this?
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    • _PandorasBox_

      _PandorasBox_ Sandwich Man

      Maybe you could try to put in the item one at a time? I think I saw this somewhere else and that was a suggestion for it
      • zbalata

        zbalata Space Hobo

        I'm playing on the PS4 and my problem is even worse. I don't get paid for ANY artisan goods. At all. Of an quantity. Not for jelly, not for wine. Now I haven't checked every one individually but its definitely an issue.

        Tried selling some cheese today, same thing. I don't get paid anything for products that come out of my KEG, PRESERVER, or CHEESE maker.
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        • zbalata

          zbalata Space Hobo

          So nobody else has any trouble getting paid for artisan goods... that would be my luck. I'm in spring of season 3, I'm not turning back now. I just won't be making anything artisan unless it's for something specific. My artisan bonus was a complete waste ...I'm just venting now.

          And yes, I tried selling just one block of cheese and nothing else and got nothing. And since my attention has been drawn to this I also noticed not getting paid for a golden hops. I was looking to see the sale value but I didn't get paid. The next day I sold just 2 hops and those DID sell. It sucks that I need to police my "sell box" to confirm I'm getting paid for my work.

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