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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by DraLUSAD, Sep 11, 2016.


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  1. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

    Hello everyone, today, I'm announcing my last and final mod ISE:Reconstruction, this mod will partially be revived from ISE4 with some new additions, changes, and twists.

    as some of you know, ISE was announced dead a long time again, but ever since getting back into it, and learning its elements i wanted to revisit the old mod, and finally make that one last update, which should stay with me, and you, through out its updates, but i cannot do this alone, i see guidance and help, along with people who are willing to lend a hand for coding and even graphics.

    As some of you know, "Freakin Universe" inherited most of my assets (after announcing it closed) there for, i "MAY" use the same assets BUT, would like a new change, something cool, something fresh, something new.

    What am i thinking?, what could i change or add into this mod?, lemme explain a bit, as we all know, certain items and components are in Starbound, like Batteries, Wires, Circuit boards, ect, other items are lacking or less off, such as diamonds and platinum, so one must change an adapt to the new set up

    To begin, here are a list i would like to add
    • Upgrade-able machines (Over the course of the game, you can upgrade the machiens to be more efficiant)
    • Crusher in 4 different tiers (Allowing ores to be crushed for a wider range of recipes and 1/2 your bar out-put)
    • Simplified Recipes (ISE4 contained a massive amounts of requirements, i'm planning on lessing that with more items being used)
    • Returning old machines (Like the Compressor and Extractor)
    • Mass Fabrication Unit (Production to the Universal Anti-matter "UAM")
    • And more
    Please comment and discuss about the mod, and about your ideas and views on it, i'd love to hear your feed back, if does become positively high, I will start work on the mod
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  2. Kinsem

    Kinsem Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I would love to see this mod resurrected, and fully support you doing so as I used to use this mod way back in the day. If you need graphical assets made I can try and come up with some for you while I am working on my own mod (A large scale colony ship), I just need to know what you would need and a basic description of said item so I have something to go on.
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  3. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

    Ok so, the main assets of Starbound is in "Packed.pak", to give me the edge in some coding, i will need to "unpack" this pak, i maybe cleaver in some areas, but in others i'm not, how does one unpack this pak file (and is there an easier way to unpack and pack pak files)

    I'm also had a good play of Starbound to see a LOT has changed like
    • Where is Steel?
    • Where is Aegisalt?
    • Where is Rubium?
    • why is Oil less used?
    • Why is diamonds fewer and/or harder to find
    I've already started a mental projection where i want the mod to go, but i'll need more time to get the techs started, and this "Upgrade" system interests me too
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  4. cybersam

    cybersam Subatomic Cosmonaut

    hmm... i never played with the old versions of this mod as i only started playing starbound a few weeks ago...
    and it sounds interesting...
    and would like to help if that is ok...
    even though i'm new to modding this game i'm already working on my own mod (colony manager)... so i might be still have alot to looks through ^_^''
    also i'm no good with graphics (as you would see in my mod xD)... so my strong part is the coding... though i have to admin... i'm still noot good enough with lua... ^_^'''

    oh yea....
    as for unpacking...
    there is a thread with a tutorial and lines you can copy paste to unpack the pak file ^_^
    --> here
  5. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

    i got it all unpacked ^.^ (Had to do some rootin) i have the main folder unpacked along with some other BIG mods unpacked too, this should give me a grip on the idea of the coding again, i'll need to work out a tech tree, recipes and so on, in how to add, because A LOT has changed, and this has already ruined my mod, but fear not, a new mod type comes with changes, so hopefully, i'll get started on working it
  6. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

    Ok you guishe, I'm starting work on ISE-Reconstruction (Aka ISE-4 (Dont ask why the topic is ISE-5, reason being, i had started on 4, but gave up on it soon after)), so far as silly as it sounds, i have tin able to spawn in the world much like Copper going to make a slight change in recipes.
    The first thing i want to add in the "Inventors Table is the "Tech Table" (Mech table was its previous name) adding said tech table to the Inv. Table wont be an issue, however, its crafting set up will be, so i'm looking for someone who can assist on helping me set up the crafting script for it, the other aspects like its items and tools shouldn't be an issue for me.

    Edit: What i got so far =3
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  7. dagobertdu94

    dagobertdu94 Void-Bound Voyager

    @DraLUSAD I know this thread is 4 years old but the idea with ISE-5 (or ISE-4) is as old as the thread.
    So I would like to ask if there will ever come something for the mod or did you completly abanoned the whole thing?
    On the other hand there is a deprecated version of ISE-4 in the Steam Workshop that could be continued if you don't want to do it yourself anymore and if you give him/her the permission for it again.
    Or you could work together, it's ideas but hopefully we get more than just ideas.
    I would like to get an answer as the mod sounds very interesting and I would like to use it.


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