Is this game still a thing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rainbow Dash, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash Oxygen Tank

    seeing how the last topic posted in was over a year ago

    i havnt seen any new info or videos from the dev also

    im just wondering what happened
    • RobitStudios

      RobitStudios TAW Developer Developer

      Yes, the game is still happening. We are working very hard to get it finished. We're at a good place where the game is running/playing great but we just have to finish up the content for about 3 islands/dungeons, a few bosses, NPC animations, dialog etc. It's really coming along pretty great. We are currently bringing on another team member to help us finish up the NPC animations for the game, which should speed things up.

      The reason you don't see as many updates is that I have had to take on part-time work to help pay my bills. So, after working, and dev time on TAW, I just have trouble finding time to post updates. But, when I do you can find them right here on our homepage:

      Believe me when I say I'm trying to make TAW and good we can. Keep the dream alive!

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