Is there anyone else who wishes that the characters had opinions on who you were with?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AcidRavy, Apr 10, 2020.


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  1. AcidRavy

    AcidRavy Space Hobo

    This might seem weird but hear me out, I kinda wish that more of the characters had opinions on you and if you were dating someone or married to them. A lot of the appeal is that it’s openly lgbt friendly and I get that but to me I don’t know why but I think some might still have a older mindset since it’s not a huge place and seems be more traditional. Like it’s probably just me being weird but I just wanted to see if other people had this idea before.
    • UnexpectedParole

      UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

      You you are asking specifically if we want some-one to have a bad opinion if we decided to date the same sex?

      I don't see at all how the game would benefit from that. What, do you want? Something like "lose 20 points every time that npc sees you gift a same sex character like they caught you rooting in trash cans? To what end? So you have to gift the bigot more to raise your friendship? So the game encourages you to sneak the gifts to the same sex person?

      The Stardew community is very traditional. But their traditions are not our modern hate filled traditions. Yes, all of the current families are married heterosexual couples with kids but that doesn't mean they wouldn't accept a same sex relationship.
      Don't get confused about what is and isn't real in either universe.

      Making stardew valley more like modern bigoted times doesn't add anything to the game in my opinion.
      • ThorfinnS

        ThorfinnS Orbital Explorer

        Personally, I didn't think the relationships added anything to the game in the first place...
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        • MadDocJequell

          MadDocJequell Seal Broken

          Yeah I think the relationships themselves would need to have some kind of tangible benefits to the game before anything else. Right now its purely cosmetic.

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