Is there any "optimized" routes/paths people take for foraging?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr.PotatoFudge, May 13, 2020.

  1. Mr.PotatoFudge

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    Generally i always go the top route and then walk above the house then south ignoring the mines. then near the community center and then to the beach. then towards the spring onion area and around the lake circling back to my farm through the bottom

    are there more efficient routs? i feel like im missing stuff using this route and i dont wanna do that

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    • FickleRhubarb

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      I don't generally worry too much about it. Time is too precious. Other priorities to attend to.
      • ShneekeyTheLost

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        One trick you can do, if you want, is to run through the day, finding all the foragables, then resetting the day and going back to collect them all rapidly.

        But generally there are more efficient ways of generating Foraging xp than actual foraging. On the Forest Farm, for example, you can use your first copper to upgrade your axe and start grinding the six renewable stumps daily for 200 Foraging xp/day fairly rapidly, aside from whatever other trees you chop down. And recall that any trees in Cindernsnap Forest will naturally regrow without needing to be replanted, so you can really grind foraging xp pretty quickly if you want without ever needing to touch a foragable.

        The important reason to forage are the bundles, really. Once you get at least one of each, getting more is of lesser value. You might be able to sell them, but the profits aren't huge unless you're on Day 1 trying to afford 50+ parsnips to get a head start on your Farming skill.
        • Jack Of Shades

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          To touch on this, this is my main method of gaining foraging experience. It's highly useful, relatively quick, and VERY effective on the forest map, as you mentioned. As you gain more levels, and select perks, you will notice how fast you tear through trees and stumps. Not to mention, I believe the logs that grant hardwood tend to give a little more experience. So, I'd say make a tree farm on your property, or use the forest map for fast foraging leveling.

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