is there a way to spawn more npc to a single building?

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    In the earlier version of starbound, we can place multiple spawners wherever we wanted, i realy liked the idea, because i can filled my colony with life. Now i played a long time ago, an i realy excited about 1.0. It's realy good so far, but i realised that the spawners replaced with this colony deeds, which means i can only spawn one npc/house which i don't like, because i like to build a single huge base and place multiple npc's there, like the outpost. Also there are different type of spwaners, like villager, guard, chef, doctor. So Is there a way to spawn more npc to a single building? Is there a chanche that the devs will bring back the spawners?
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    You can use one deed per room if you want, and customize them to spawn specific NPCs.
    And if all else fails, you can spawn independant NPCs using the /spawnnpc [race] [job] [level] , they won't be bound to a deed and will act like naturally-generated NPCs do.
    You can go on this page to find more about the command, if you want to use it:
    Hope this help :DD
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    There are two things you can do:

    1: Create more 'houses' by breaking your buildings into separate rooms and putting colony deeds in each.

    2: Wait until your tenants start asking you to do quests to find their friends/dates/second-cousins-once-removed. Each 'rescued' NPC sticks around, automatically hanging out with their buddy (chilling in their houses, sleeping in their beds, and mooching off their cheesy poof stashes). You can quickly accumulate a lot of extra 'villagers' in this way. They won't pay rent, but they will give more quests and fill out your cities.

    Edit: Side note, the only way to get rid of these extra NPCs is hiring them to work on your ship or killing them off. So, if your colony is as big as you want it, I recommend against accepting these quests.
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