Is there a way to permanently spawn/place a monster?

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    Okay so, I can spawn in monsters all willy-nilly. But... is there any way to make them STAY spawned?

    I'm talking the handful of unique monsters you can't capture as pets. I wanna have a Bone Bird in a little enclosure, and I can spawn him in no problem, but it vanishes once the game "unloads" the chunk of the world it's in. Is there a way to assign a permanent spawn point, like how enemies always appear in the same places in dungeons/minidungeons?

    (Honestly if this can be done, I'm-a use this rather than pets for the project I'm working on just cuz I'm not wild about the pet tether thing, visually, for what I wanna do.)
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    You simply have to specify that you intend the monster to be persistent. Here's a wired spawner that you can wire to a button and it will spawn a permanent nautileech every time:

    /spawnitem invisiblemonsterspawner 5 '{"shortdescription":"Nautileech Spawner", "description":"Spawns Nautileech in 5 secs", "spawner":{"monsterTypes":["nautileech"],"monsterLevel":[6,6],"monsterParams":{"aggressive":true, "persistent" : true, "capturable":"true"},"position":[0,0],"positionVariance":[0,0],"frequency":[5.0,5.0],"stock":-1,"trigger":"wire","outOfSight":false}}'

    You can just change the monster, level, frequency, stock, and the monster parameters to suit your needs. Good luck!
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  3. M_Sipher

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    Hey, that seems to work just nicely... managed to rig it to spawn a single monster in an enclosed space, eliminated the spawner, and the beast stayed in place even after a little planet-hopping. Thanks, this will REALLY make my plans a lot easier!

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