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Is there a Mod That allows items to be transfer

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  3. what are Mods???

  1. ToastyNess

    ToastyNess Yeah, You!

    I created This thread to ask if there was a mod for a specific purpous so you can ask too

    Is There A Mod That allows storage for all chacters So if Charater#1 or just #1 for short puts a pineapple in a vault
    (from the mod ) and Chacter #2 pulls out that pineapple
  2. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The End of Time

    How would this be different than any storage? I'd any character goes to a storage container, the same stuff will be there.
  3. ToastyNess

    ToastyNess Yeah, You!

    yes but i would be unable to get my other character to that storage

    im talking about like a cross character piggy bank like from terraria
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  4. Cyel

    Cyel Zero Gravity Genie

    There isn't such a mod, and I think, if we don't get a replacement to the root.getConfigurationPath() functions for 1.3 as they're probably going to be depreciated, the closest thing one could make would be a per-server storage, and accessible by the whole server as there's no way to tell two clients appart ("clients", not "players") (but that could be worked around by having some sort of username / PIN code)
  5. ToastyNess

    ToastyNess Yeah, You!

    if im in hardmode i put a pineapple in the storage i die and get it with another character on singleplayer
  6. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Cosmic Narwhal

    Yes and no.

    While I'm not sure about cross-character client-based chests, there do indeed exist mods that create permanent-editable instances. What this means is that it creates an editable "world" that you may place items and chests within and can be access by any character (whether its yours or your friends). This way, you would be able to make a sort of warehouse in which you could store all of your belongings and share them through your characters, as well as your friends if so desired.

    Downside to these mods is that, much like @Cyel had mentioned, they are per-server (meaning that you won't get your warehouse on all servers you choose visit), but will work if you are hosting a server yourself or playing in singleplayer, as it would be your own files that will load.
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  7. ToastyNess

    ToastyNess Yeah, You!

    Can i get a link to one of those mods please.
  8. G.Xyon

    G.Xyon Cosmic Narwhal


    Due to possible ignorance I only know of two mods that do this; and both of these are owned by myself.

    Gyrusens+: Despite the mod being portrayed and focused as a species mod, it has ways of making species-only items available to all other species: meaning that you do not have to play as the species itself in order to use the instance-creation tools that it offers. In total, the mod offers 5 different instances in which you can place your items and create your buildings, all of them running parallel with each other. Here are some of the ways you can obtain said tools within the mod.

    1. Craft the GSF Database crafting table from the Engineer's/Architect's Table.
    2. Buy and learn the Crafting Table blueprint set that it offers.
    3. This is where it gets a little tedious: you will have to collect these Anomaly Scraps, an item that drops from a special portal-like object that spawns on moons. Obtaining one will teach you the recipe for the first portal; the scraps can be obtained either as a drop from the object itself or in chests if you decide to explore the destination of the portal.
    4. For the other 4 variants, you will need to find this merchant in a specific 'dimension' the previous portal-like object offers; it will sell types of 'cores' that can be crafted alongside the scraps to make different variants of portals.
    5. Once you craft your desired portal(s), place them down and jump into the instance. Make sure not to fall down after you break the security blocks!

    1. Go /admin.
    2. /spawnitem gyrpocketportal = Spawns the first instance of the pocket dimension teleportation objects. Adding "Scarlet", "Voidum", "Sleepy", or "Sky" right after will spawn the other variants for a total of 5 different instances. (ex. /spawnitem gyrpocketportalVoidum )

    Delusive Dimensions: My second mod, this one is much more lightweight and focuses solely on dungeons. However, compared to the Gyrusens+ mod, it's quite limiting as the current teleport-like object cannot be obtained legitimately, and there is only the one instance. You can obtain the object via using /spawnitem ddpocketportal.

    If there are other mods that do this, I'd be more than happy to know of them!
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