Modding Help Is there a mod that focuses on stories and lore?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by GameCraving, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. GameCraving

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    I'd prefer a mod that doesn't cut off the vanilla story and lore but builds off of them or somehow feels connected and grounded in the same universe. Or maybe a mod that reintroduces Greenfinger because HE WAS THE BEST THING IN STARBOUND.
  2. Sparklink

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    There are plenty of good race mods, if you do not consider that cutting off of the vanilla story and lore too much. I do not know too much about this mod

    But I think it may give you additional lore (not the old lore but possibly related lore.)

    As for Greenfinger, I think you are out of luck I have not seen any mods that do that (at least on the forums.) Although honestly, if you have read all of the Greenfinger related lore on the wiki then you pretty much have gotten the full Greenfinger Experience. The most Greenfinger ever was was a character who was referenced in several pieces of lore; he was depicted as a Floran leader of-sorts who appeared to be using both Big Ape and Thornwing (the old lore leader of the Avians) for his higher ambitions. It was also hinted to that he was the one who unleashed the Tentacle Beast upon earth, and created the Agarans , and he was probably the ringleader of the Hylotl massacre in some way. But for all of all the influence (too much influence in my opinion) he had over the lore he never was manifested in any form other than an idea. Either having read the lore on the wiki or in the game it is all the same.

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