Modding Help Is there a mod for duplicating items?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Genevra, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Genevra

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  2. Kayuko

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    Duplicating items like...?
    Cloning them via crafting station?
    If you mean duplicating items another player holds, gl finding someone helping you on that.
  3. Kayuko

    Kayuko Oxygen Tank

    Oh, well then, no.
    But ain't that hard to do.
    I'm really surprised there isn't one like that in the repo yet.
    Might fix that tomorrow. :S
    There's also your answer, a simple cloning mod ain't in the repo yet, afaik.
  4. Peelz

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    I believe the creative mode mod has some crafting stations that let you duplicate items, or at least the mod page says that it does:

    The best way though would be to learn how to use /admin commands. You can use the /itemid command to get info on any item you are carrying. You can then use /spawnitem to make as many copies of that item as you want. To get more info on these commands, type /help followed by the command you want more info on.
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  5. WhatThePuck[PT]

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    There actually exists a mod called Copy Gun which lets you copy things like items, placed objects, even blocks from the environment into your inventory. Just search for Copy Gun.
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  6. Kirbyroth

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    creative mode or copy gun, creative mode has a duplicator to copy 1 or 100 times an item you carrying.
  7. Morjax

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    Looks like you might already have your answer, but I'll toss in my two cents as well. In vanilla, you can
    • Scan certain items into your pixel printer and reprint them, but the limited selection of things that can be printed makes this only partially useful (I use this to make a bunch of crates when I start off).
    • Use the Martinus Transformation to duplicate any amount of liquid that you want (to the tune of 13,000+ units per hour). This again won't help you duplicate any ores, weapons, etc, but it's a thing that you can do in vanilla.

    As far as non-vanilla options, folks above have the bases covered: use creative mode, copy gun mod, or /admin commands, and you'll be in business!

    Cheers, and happy hunting!
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  8. yorik100

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    Like this? :
  9. Peelz

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    I believe that Kayuko's point was that most of our regular modders understand that info like that SHOULDN'T be thrown casually around the forums, not that it CAN'T be done. Stuff like this causes more problems than it solves, hence why I rarely play multiplayer these days.
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