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Is there a larger UI text size?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by EazyCheeze1978, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. EazyCheeze1978

    EazyCheeze1978 Space Hobo

    Hi all! I hope everyone's doing wonderfully.

    I LOVE Starbound! It's one of my favorite games! The graphics are absolutely wonderful, very old school, definitely my style of game.

    Now, I do have an issue, though: Aside from lowering the resolution, is there any way to scale up the text/font size for the user interface? I play in 1080p as a rule (my native resolution, with a desktop DPI scale of 150% (yeah, my eyes are sorta bad)). The Scale option in the menu does not adjust the text size, and I believe that over the many hours of play I've developed minor eyestrain due to the relatively small (to the play area) font size. Is there an option I can set in the INI files? Where would those be?

    I would play in 720p easy, but choosing that resolution results in a letterbox effect (black bars at top and bottom).

    Thanks, everyone! I've attached an example of what I mean, at 1080p.

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  2. TheCrystalCrow

    TheCrystalCrow Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I've been looking for an answer to this very same issue. I'm older and I wear glasses. I've got almost 500 hours into Starbound, but stopped playing in 2014 and just started again with the full release. At this point, I simply cannot read the tiny text, and when I scale up, the text remains the same size. My eyes are killing me, and the only mod I've found is a very old one that covers up the SAIL messages and the quest directional marker.

    I've searched but haven't been able top find anything. This has to be a common problem, but I'm probably using the incorrect search terms. "UI scaling" and variations thereof give me no viable results. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Kehvarl

    Kehvarl Void-Bound Voyager

    I have the same issue, I play in a window that's set to roughly 8000x600 (otherwise the game is so laggy that I can't play at all) and the miniscule UI size and tiny text are making it very difficult for me to enjoy the game.
  4. Aimbot

    Aimbot Void-Bound Voyager

    How come? i only have 1360x740 ish and having no problem reading even the tiniest text,i also have glasse aswell (very high grade glasses)
    A good reason to keep healthy eyes

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