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Bug/Issue Is my save file corrupted? Please help

Discussion in 'Support' started by endriyu, Dec 26, 2021.

  1. endriyu

    endriyu Space Hobo

    I need help... maybe really bad...:catsad:

    This is my first time playing Stardew valley, I'm currently in my third year in my second world (my main world). However, when I try to open world yesterday night, my world can't get past the loading screen.
    • I can get to the menu
    • I can get to the world menu
    • My game crash when I try to enter my main world
    I have search some of the forum and tried some things. Here are the things that I have tried based on the forum:
    • I have opened my world "code" using notepad and notepad++ and found that my world code ends with </SaveGame>
    • I have tried using the world save file that ends with "...._old" and it still doesn't work
    • I have tried using the "old" save game info and a save game info from my other world and it still doesn't work
    Because of that, I'm not really sure what is wrong and what to do. As I don't really know how to code and how it works either. I just want to know if my world is corrupted or not. And if it is, whether or not it still can be safe...
    In this thread I have attached my "corrupted" world folder and the latest error log that's created when I tried opening the world. If any mod or anyone else have the time to review it, please help me... I know I can't really give anything but I would really appreciate it as the world means so much to me...

    Thank you so much whoever read this.

    (sorry this is a pc issue, and i just realized this is a thread for the mobile version)

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