Answered Is it worth saving Gear for Alts in Starbound?

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  1. Anuril

    Anuril Orbital Explorer

    Perhaps someday I would like to travel far into the universe to help carry some of my alts. I'm wondering if this is a viable tactic or whether I should just sell off ALL of the Melee weapons i've stockpiled on my Ranged Novakid Gunslinger. I'm also wondering about the collection achievement involving stockpiling unique gear as well, and whether I have to have them on me or whether I just have to have had discovered them.

    So, should I bother saving weapons for an Alt, should I save them until the achievement, or should I just sell all of my Melee weapons?

    By the way, I'm playing Single Player without a Dedicated Server, but i could try out the dedicated Server option if it's the only way to "share" the universe across my characters.
  2. stealthXG

    stealthXG Pangalactic Porcupine

    Whenever I get a weapon that I most likely won't use I sell them, no point in keeping something if you're not gonna use it unless it's for a collection. Your characters all share the same universe. You can go and look at your ship's coordinates, switch to a different character, enter and go to those coordinates, beam down to the planet, pop down a chest with some items, then switch to your other character and take the items.
  3. Anuril

    Anuril Orbital Explorer

    I'll probably sell them if my alt ends up too far away(over 2k fuel cost). I heard that it requires that I have to beat the echrius mission boss just to see my coords. is that true?
  4. stealthXG

    stealthXG Pangalactic Porcupine

    Yep, that is true. That mission can be done rather quickly though. When you first beam down to the planet, immediately look for the mine (all lush planets have mines on them) as you can easily loot iron ore and core fragments to get you through the mission.

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