Modding Help Is it possible to make the FTL travelling time proportional to the distance covered?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Iroaseta, Nov 15, 2016.

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    Or it's been fixed in a way that it'll be over as soon as the next planet you visit is loaded?
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    Neither. It is literally a set time. 8 seconds transition to FLT, 30 seconds of FTL (With the planet loading in the background), and 8 seconds transition to orbit. This was likely done to mask the loading of the planet for slower computers, but Ive removed them all together, cus why not.
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    Is there anyway to extent the 30 seconds of FTL? :eek:
  4. lazarus78

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    oh yeah. I forget which config it is in. It could be made however long you want.
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    Are these the relevant lines?


    If they are, how should I change the value? It doesn't seems like they have seconds as values.

    Edit : Ah, yes! They are! Now I can make my gigantic ship travel for 10 minutes long so that I have a reason to actually build my ship properly and think twice before going to another planet now! :)
    It doesn't make the travelling time proportionate to the distance covered though.

    As a reference if anyone wants to change on how it works :

    speedupTimer = The period of time your ship is accelerating into FTL state.
    flyingTimer = The period of time your ship is undergoing FTL.
    slowdownTimer = The period of time your ship is trying to decelerating after FTL.
    disembarkPath = The period of time your ship takes to accelerate out of the planet's orbit you're currently in.
    arrivalPath = The period of time your ship takes to accelerate into the planet's orbit you're arriving.

    The values are in seconds and the file is called "sky.config".
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