Is gold per day that important?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 4leaf clover, Apr 23, 2017.

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    Well, hi! Today I wanted to talk about crops and a revelation I got and I wanted to share in order to know if people knew it too or putting it on the record. So, one friend of mine told me to spend it all on cranberries as soon as fall started because they sell high, based on gold per day, but the eggplants caught my attention and I decided to make some calculations not basing them in GPD. Let's assume the crops grow just fine and are normal quality. Such things as the option "Agriculturist" or fetilizers aren't taken into account. You can have 5 harvests maximum if you plant them the first day.
    Cranberries give 2 per harvest and eggplants 1, multiplying per their sale price and number of harvests, you get (2x75x5=) 750 gold per one cranberry planted the first day and (60x5=) 300 gold per eggplant. This shows cranberries give more gold, but what happens if something like a Benefit Multiplier (something that shows what you invest in crops turns into) exists? So, I divided the final benefit by the cost of the seed and it gave me 3.125 for cranberries and a stunning 15 for eggplants (750/240 & 300/20). And this shows that if you "invest" in eggplants you get x15 of what you invested, but in cranberries you only get x 3.125.
    An against would be the space. I mean, you hace to plant x2.5 times eggplants in order to get the same benefits than a single cranberry, but you only spend 60 gold! Isn't it amazing?
    Well, I hope this will be useful for you when you decide to buy seeds and save some money, sacrificing land. Have a nice day and harvest!
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    • GreenWombat

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      The problem with thinking regarding that kind of idea is that sure one crop might make more per gold spent but at the end of the day it still makes less profit. Math below.

      To start off (not taking perks ore fertilizer into account)
      cranberry seeds cost 240 per seed
      eggplant seeds cost 20 per seed

      cranberry sell price 75-112 gold
      eggplant sell price 60-90 gold

      cranberry time to grow 7 days for 2 cranberries and then 2 more cranberries every 5 days
      eggplant time to grow 5 days for 1 eggplant and then 1 more eggplant every 5 days (random chance for extra eggplants but I'm not taking that into account because it's random)

      Assuming you buy and plant 10 of each:

      cranberry return 100 total cranberries over the course of the season
      eggplant return 50 total eggplants over the course of the season

      2400 cost
      7500-11200 return

      200 cost
      3000-4500 return

      Cranberry gives you 5100-8800 profit
      Eggplant gives you 2800-4300 profit

      Cranberry wins. Sure you are getting 15x what you spent on eggplants but that still means less overall profit. You spent less but that is counteracted by not making as much.
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      • 4leaf clover

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        Yeah, I said that if you want to get the same benefits, you have to plant 2.5 times eggplants, but assuming you don't want to use 2.5 times space, cranberries are your choice. This also can mean spending more energy, but it's something I wanted to say, anyways.
        • Jerev

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          Gold per day value changes when you take jars and kegs into consideration. I always plant crops like cranberries to feed my jars while I grow the expensive stuff for kegs. But some of the forum's real number crunchers can tell you more about that.
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          • 4leaf clover

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            Do you know anyone? Because I love numbers and I was happily surprised to find such exents of them here. I never suspected a happy-go-lucky farming simulator would have this kind of planning and operating...
            • Jerev

              Jerev Pangalactic Porcupine

              Here are some threads

              Here were some discussions later on

              Here is another number crunching thread just search the forum for post from some of the commentators.
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              • Lilliput

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                Grab yer abacus and have a hootenanny.
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                • 4leaf clover

                  4leaf clover Tentacle Wrangler

                  My, thanks very much!! I guess you never stop being a mathematician. X3
                  • Lilliput

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                    No, you just reduce the level of your mathematics fractionally. :poke:
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                    • Jack Of Shades

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                      Okay does anyone else play this game so you DON'T have to think? Or stress any math at all? :lod:
                      • Lilliput

                        Lilliput Supernova

                        That would be me, the mood/relaxation junkie. I can not-think with the best of them. I never crunch numbers and I toss money away on the slightest whim of entertainment in this game.
                        • LuthienNightwolf

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                          Same here as what Lilliput said. I grow a bit of everything and disregard what makes the best profit. I still end up filthy rich by mid-year 2. >u<
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                          • Sventex

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                            Me. I just grow fruit, coffee, hops and honey and dump them all into kegs. I hardly sell crops anymore. In my eyes, all "refined" produces in the game sell for significant profit, and wine making is very nice since you don't need to do anything for a week while it ferments. Means I don't have to look at gold per day ratios or worry about fertilizer since quality doesn't matter in the kegs.

                            I recommend avoiding mass growing some crops like eggplant, since you end up having to do a lot of work for little benefit. Things like melons only need to be harvested 2 times a month, and offer big payouts if you can survive not getting paid for 2 weeks.
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                            • Jerev

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                              Same here. On my last farm I built six sheds with jars and kegs. When they were finished I rarely sold crops unrefined. The majority of my farm was just fruit trees and one scarecrow range of normal crops which I didn't choose by gold per day. Half of my greenhouse is always dedicated to flowers for my spouse or villagers.
                              Only the first spring was fine tuned by a guide so that I could progress much faster.
                              • musical74

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                                The nice thing about Stardew Valley is, it's incredibly open-ended. Want to focus on maximizing gold? Sure! Want to do a little of everything? Why not? Want to focus on developing relationships with the NPCs? More power to ya!

                                Myself, I don't think gold per day is all that important. Sure, making sure I don't go broke is good, but I tend to focus more on variety than *what's the best in terms of return?* Honestly, the main thing with this game should be *HAVE FUN!!!*
                                • Ghostly Fox

                                  Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                                  I just try to plant crops (including the forage seeds) so there are 66 of each season's crops. Because otherwise the lack of equivalency between them all makes me so anxious I can't play, and darn it, I bought the game, and I am gonna play it even if it means I have to cheat.
                                  • Ambaaargh

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                                    I am on a pet project of trying to get max stack (999) of the highest quality of each thing I can get. Which tends to mean not much thought to profits since as I speak I'm currently growing bok choy like its no tomorrow this fall. :rofl:
                                    It's rough in that some items will only go to gold but then there are the ones who get to platinum and its like lordy...LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT THE RABBITS GEORGE.
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                                    • ShneekeyTheLost

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                                      Hmm? Someone call for a number cruncher?

                                      Well, I see most of the relevant threads I made have already been linked by others, so... umm... hi there. I guess. And stuff.

                                      Now, this might come as a bit awkward considering I'm one of the more (in)famous min/maxers for gold per day, but as far as relevancy... that depends entirely on your playstyle. You see, I do it partly because I also like to crunch the numbers, and also because it was a challenge to see how rapidly I could get a farm up to maximize profits. But really, after you hit a certain point, there's not much point in it. Once you have everything you can buy, money's just another number.

                                      Mind you, following these guides can get you the maximized reward from Grandfather pretty easily, in fact you'd meet most of the requirements by the end of year 1. Out of 12 points needed, you get 7 from having one million in gold. I routinely beat that in my first year. Getting a total of 30 skill points is worth another point, and maxing out all skills is another point. And finally, getting the Community Center done, and celebrated is worth 3 points, the skull key is worth a point, and the rusty key is worth a point. Done and done.

                                      But after you get your reward from Grandfather... there's really not much point in a whole pile of cash, other than to have the money for money's sake.
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                                      • The | Suit

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                                        Also keep in mind it is important to look at short term investments and long term investments.
                                        Some times it is better to make some fast cash - than wait for a longer pay day.

                                        An example would be the easter egg hunt when strawberries are sold.
                                        You will need to gain enough cash before the event happens, which means if you put all your money in long term investments - you may not get your pay off fast enough in order to make a large purchase of strawberry seeds.
                                        • 4leaf clover

                                          4leaf clover Tentacle Wrangler

                                          Well, hi there, everyone. I see many of you vade retro numbers and excessive planning, but it's alright, it's not like I'll shove operations through your larynx. I did it too at first but when I relized a tiny-tineey eggplant would pay itself and two more seeds in just one harvest, my vein of invests and benefits just exploded. You may say that you need more space and energy, but what I really love too is to make me some food and coffee and go take care of my bunch of pixels my brain identifies as crops and empty and refill my energy over and over. Even now, having iridium sprinklers, I still water the crops. I guess it's my way to enjoy the game...?
                                          Pretty much concluding, welcome to my first post and I'm rather sorry you had to see a new way to benefit from crops(?)
                                          May I say that math can relax?:casper:
                                          May I also say that grabbing a new piece of paper and your trustworthy pencil that helped you with so many weird mathematics and start calculating prices of eggplants and cranberries is fun? I mean, I can't be the only one who enjoys to calculate every thing that crosses the street, just like that cat. Hey! Let's calculate it's velocity and what would happen if the Earth stopped right now!!!1!!
                                          Senpai noticed me(!)
                                          Omygosh, it's a Mod. But I guess you can always rely on giant crops? They sure come in handy...

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