Is game still being developed on?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TMII, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. TMII

    TMII Tentacle Wrangler

    I really like the game but I was wondering if the game is still being developed on?

    - The AI is just moderate (relative to Advance Wars) and is able to see through fog of war? Really? Sure, in Dual Strike the AI was also aware of hidden units but at least it couldn't attack them.
    - The map Editor is nice but there are just so many things missing to make the scripting worthwhile. It is hard to make any interesting game modes with the Tools we have at the moment. I would like to see an RNG counter and RNG placement of units in areas. Also it would be nice to reference trigger variables in effects (i.e. referencing the actual detected unit). And a lot more functions, like copying Units in an area, duplicating scripts, teleporting Units, making the turn end for a Player, making an AI unit move somewhere… stuff like that but I disgress.

    Never owned a Chucklefish game so I was just wondering if there are any chances for this game being improved besides bugs?
    • Miinow

      Miinow Void-Bound Voyager

      In short, yes.

      You can read the blog post from February to get some idea about the long term plans:
      Also, if interested, check out r/wargroove for information about the 1.2 patch and future considerations. It's generally more active than this forum.

      Finally, the reason why Wargroove AI sometimes feels bad, is because commanders are extremely complicated to use properly. Yet, using them effectively is crucial. One careless move with the commander and it's gg. Advance wars AI had an easier job, because one bad move usually didn't mean much, however, it too did some stupid things like left the HQ completely unguarded and allowed it to get captured.
      • Shubeans

        Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

        Yes it is! :D
        And I'll be around to keep up support for as long as I physically can!

        We've got patches still to come, we've got Mod support as well we are working on, as well as a 'creative' update where we take all of your ideas/suggestions/feedback as well as our own and work on the Custom Content side of the game :)
        We've got a few secrets coming too ;)
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        • WebBowser

          WebBowser Poptop Tamer

          Are there any updates regarding the release? There are a lot of folks who are patiently waiting to purchase Wargroove there.
          • MartiusR

            MartiusR Master Chief

            Just one question to Chucklefish - there is still announced on product's site (on GOG) about release in "Q1 2019", are you going to release game in this period (one week left)? If not - could you update product's page?

            Concrete release date would be nice, but at least state some clear information about release.
            • Fadedsun

              Fadedsun Astral Cartographer

              Any idea when CF plan on announcing these things to the broader public? Checking around various social media outlets for the game, people are losing interest very quickly. People desperately wanting async lobbies (Discord and Reddit shouldn't be people's sole options for finding games), unit balance complaints, mapping quality of life updates needed, etc. Feels like the game is on life support after only a couple months from release. Feels like the hype died just as fast as it started.

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