Bug/Issue [iOS] Can't Add Items To Community Bundle Boxes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Fluted, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Fluted

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    When I go to add a new item to the Dye Bundle, the bundle boxes won't highlight with the red border or let me add/drag over new items into them. As well as not being able to put items in, the bottom three items don't have a description label on hover. I haven't added any items to the bundle yet. I've also included a screenshot of the bundle and items in my inventory.

    Edit: I've completed all the bundles except both the Friendship and Pantry bundles and both aren't accepting new gifts now after update version 1.30 and have a permanently enlarged hover tooltip title over the top mini bundle in both bundles.

    Game Update at Time of Posting: v1.26
    Post Edited at: v1.30
    Device: iPhone 6s
    iOS Build: 11.4.1

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    • Aline

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      I add the same bug, on Linux. My game version is "1.3.36". I have bought it on Gog.

      I started a new game, and when I could access to community Center, I saw the same thing on some bundles. So, it's not only my first save...

      All is ok before, I played one year (ingame) and complete some bundles.

      Is there a way to unblock this bug ? I want to restore community Center :)

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