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ios 14.7.1, stardew won’t start up, i open the app past chuckle fish logo

Discussion in 'Support' started by p1ck1e, Aug 3, 2021.

  1. p1ck1e

    p1ck1e Space Hobo

    it started the day prior when i believe that i was experienced wifi issues, to pass the time i tried to play stardew but it was experiencing the bug i said in the title. i would start the game and the chucklefish logo would show up, the screen would flash to my wallpaper, then returning to the chucklefish screen and then fully crash. i’ve tried to look for an answer in this forum however it’s only for phones prior to ios 12, and it requires a computer, i’m trying to find a way to fix it that doesn’t end up deleting my save file. i have an iphone xs if that helps
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    • dallyser

      dallyser Space Hobo

      I’m having the same problem. Even after I reloaded the app. I’m using an iPhone XR. It blinks at the chuckle fish logo then quits. I deleted, then restarted my phone before loading the application again. It worked for awhile but now it’s doing it again.

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