Invisible drains on ships

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Would you like to have the invisible drains removed off your ship?

  1. Yes, I would want this on Starbound

  2. No, I wouldn't want this on Starbound

  1. LlamaLeader

    LlamaLeader Space Hobo

    Hi, I am a Hylotl class and I had a great idea to fill my ship with water because I had the oxygen upgrade and thought it would be cool for my fish person to have a ship full of water. I tried to fill my ship with water but, part of the ship was filled but some wasn't because of some invisible drain pipes. My friend found out that you can't burn on your ship so he wanted to fill it with lava and fuel but ran into the same problem. Here is a image of my ship (
    If you can remove them or have an option to turn them on or off I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)
  2. cooltv27

    cooltv27 Heliosphere

    on planets water will drain out the back ground, solved by putting background block
    on the ship, windows count as "empty" background. along with the control room (yes, that entire room has not default background)

    just cover the windows and you should be ok
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  3. LlamaLeader

    LlamaLeader Space Hobo

    Ok! Thanks for getting that response so quick!
  4. Utkudakid

    Utkudakid Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Dude fill the doors and windows with glass,or other walls.
  5. BreakingForce

    BreakingForce Big Damn Hero

    what they said. i actually tried this myself a while back, using the same thinking. hylotl, fish ship, fill fish ship with water for funtimes!. and yes, it all drained out my windows. very sad fishman.
  6. Shadow20218

    Shadow20218 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The natural windows have no real background block so the windows need to be filled in with glass or something else, then the door flames don't have background so the water is also draining there.
  7. LeMinotier

    LeMinotier Poptop Tamer

    This is actually quite unintuitive and I don't think the windows should count as no background. That would be a terrible ship :p. There should be windows on default that actually count as windows and not open space.
  8. Utkudakid

    Utkudakid Subatomic Cosmonaut

    It would be better like in the garden tree's branches and be unbreakable rather than glass blocks.
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