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Bug/Issue Invincible tree on bridge

Discussion in 'Support' started by Design., Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Design.

    Design. Space Hobo

    I’m playing stardew valley on mobile and at one point a tree appeared on the bridge to grandpa’s shrine. I’m playing on the mountain map. Can’t cut the tree down also tried mega bombs. I’m unable to reach grandpa’s shrine now. Any way to remove this tree? Also having some bugs with walking. It just won’t respond for a while anymore or if it does its very random. Other people seem to have this problem too. Also on rare occasion i can’t open inventory/chests anymore. Going to a shop and clicking on inventory there fixes this.
    • Synatra

      Synatra Intergalactic Tourist

      Consider installing "TreeTransplant" mod.
      • Design.

        Design. Space Hobo

        No fix? Also after todays update the game has loads of bugs; Crash on silo. Can't sleep anymore -> gets stuck on saving screen... nothings has fixed this so far. Fish aren't visible while reeling them in etc.
        • Design.

          Design. Space Hobo


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