Inventory position permanently stored or its default at least useful altered

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    Hello Starbound developers & friends,

    as you know, the player's inventory is always on the center of the screen when starting playing Starbound, even if you've logged off from a server (and moved your inventory window!) and log on again.

    This is extremely annoying because aiming at another container nearby is not possible as long as the camera is in center. The player character's reach is too little to open any on the screen (and it's not practicable, though). One has to manually move it with STRG+mouse_movement to access other containers, either on the left OR on the right.

    As for me, who's playing on a Full HD+ monitor (1,900x1,200 screen), after every start, the first thing I do is (as long as the chat windows keeps open) to open & move the player's inventory directly over the chat window to the left side. That's a job I'd like to avoid, since nearly every program reminds its window's positions (some don't, I know, but the better one's do ;-) ).
    With my so-moved inventory and monitor's resolution (which may be a standard in these days) I even have access to other containers around my character on the default center view. There's no need to move the camera position, and I also have access to all containers to the left AND to the right. Very useful if you have a big stock and want to bring back your planetary's loot!

    I'd appreciate it to make this position a standard, or at least please store the last position of the inventory client-side if a player has moved it.

    I know there's another thread:
    But its description does not exactly match my request, so I decided to open a new thread. I apologize if that was wrong.

    Oh, and I'd like to report a bug:
    Having a chest/locker open while looting a space encounter ship and beam up to your own ship, the game crashes. If you've already looted its content (which is very likely), it is lost.

    Thanks in advance and have a good time,

    van Grunz

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