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Outdated Intersol Vepr/SOWET - Urania.EODAG.2 Pathfinder Cruiser Enraged Koala 1.45

A large spacecraft featuring completely original art and brand new assets, with even more to come!

  1. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    Since I received permission, I've been working on it bit by bit with a few upgrades. This is great pixel art, so I'm being a bit OCD. Still have a few things to work out. Most significant thing that remains is I need to make a S.A.I.L. tech console that matches the theme.

    May need to cut a few more things from foreground and add to the background instead, add more animation frames(and automatic functionality) to doors, etc. Some GUI work needs done for containers to bring them up to speed. Some boring OCD adjustments etc but I want to do a quality revival instead of quick and dirty.

    I guess you'd say it is usable now except for S.A.I.L. being absent. But detail really makes a difference, as you might see in that dome after some minor but effective edits + moving it to the foreground(in front of the player) instead of background. Vepr_wip1.png
    I'm considering a very slight tint on that dome, but then I kinda like it as is. Anyhow, this mod is coming (back) soon to a Starbound near you

    edit:My screen shot has developed a weird horizontal mismatch... I have no idea how but it isn't like that in game. Perhaps I need to reinstall my image optimization software... not supposed to alter the images!
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  2. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

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