Intergalactic Pizza delivery serves, How may i take your order?

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    'But all good things come to an end, children. Well, that's not entirely true I… I figure pizza will always exist.' by Hatty hattington.
    And so it did (at least in starbound) Earth may have been destroyed but we all know that pizza will still live on.

    Kinda inspired by the fact that you actually can call up and order a pizza while you are in space now days or any other place for that matter. your rocket is stuck in space? lost all communication with the base? why don't you call for a pizza and they will help you :)

    (and that i wish there was a quicker way of finding towns on starbound)

    So you get a small daily job of flying pizzas (in a large crate) to different planets in different towns that you can do over and over again to earn some pixels and to find out which planet have a town on it, and have a change to get a pizza delivery uniform as a reward... ok thats it i am completely blank after that, i kinda thought up the name and then thought 'that could have been a mission in some way in sb' honestly anyone else got anything to add to it?

    If this somehow actually do get added and you guys don't add a dank pizza theme song while doing these missions (that plays even if we are under attack by alien monsters while doing it) then you guys are dead to me.

    this gif is suppose to match the backround color on the old chucklefish theme i figured but it didn't.
    it doesn't add any useful insight to the idea but it looks neat and tasty.
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