WIP [Interest Check] Semi-Realistic Portraits !

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by nyx1st1x, Aug 13, 2020.


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  1. nyx1st1x

    nyx1st1x Void-Bound Voyager

    [formatting is going to be a little wonky since I'm doing this on mobile atm, will fix it up all nice when I get internet on the 16th! will also be adding more sketches/pics on then since uploading images right now is Rough]

    Hi ! This is something I've been poking at for personal use for a while and I decided before I dive in to see if people are like. actually interested at all lol. It'd be a semi-realistic portrait pack starting with the RO's and Hoooopefully being made into a full pack at some point.
    Please note I tend to lean towards diverse stardew designs and similar concepts so the portraits here may not directly match the original character designs. I'd love to get input on personal headcanons and that sort of thing for them though! I have a few in mind thus far but a lot of characters are kinda in design limbo right now.

    Currently I'm deciding between lined or lineless art, though leaning towards lined. I'd love to get yalls opinions though!! Here's an Abigail to show what I mean (note that the art here isnt my final design for her, just somethin I made real quick as a style test)


    I'm also thinking about trying to do a lo-res version as well, though that may be more of something done at "checkpoints" (re: all bachelorettes finished, all bachelors finished, all adults finished, etc.)

    Something tells me this post is longer than it looks on my phone haha, so I'm gonna cut it here. But yeah! Would totally like to hear from yall, see if anyone would like to see it done, any ideas, that sort of thing! Have a good day!
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    • Medicell

      Medicell Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      I'm definitely interested! I really like the way you drew Abby, her face is almost exactly what I imagined her to look like.

      You might get more responses at NexusMods or at forums . stardewvalley . net by the way. There aren't many people that check here anymore.
      • nyx1st1x

        nyx1st1x Void-Bound Voyager

        Aah, thanks! And I was wondering after a couple days, lol. Will definitely check out the other forum!

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