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Intelligent birds

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by D.M.G., Sep 11, 2017.

  1. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Black Hole Surfer

    I'm currently building an avian race for my world, so I'd like to know if you guys know intelligent bird species

    If you are a bird yourself, I'd like you to specify your specie ^^

    Thank you all ^^
  2. Tyle

    Tyle Zero Gravity Genie

    Corvids(magpies and crows and ravens), all of them.

    <---dis a barn owl, actually pretty dumb so don't use this
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  3. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Black Hole Surfer

    Alrighty ^^
    *takes notes*
  4. Surenu

    Surenu Tiy's Beard

    This so very much. They have been observed using tools and I remember an experiment in which crows solved simple math problems for food. Relative to brain size, they're hella smart.
  5. 777JackOfBlades

    777JackOfBlades Industrial Terraformer

    But the real question is : Do you pray Kluex ?
  6. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Black Hole Surfer

    Not related x)

    In that, that I posted it in general topic for a reason x)
  7. Sligneris

    Sligneris Pangalactic Porcupine

    Eh? :nuruneutral:
  8. Surenu

    Surenu Tiy's Beard

    Crows make tools:
  9. FoxDE2

    FoxDE2 Orbital Explorer

    Well, I was blowing on a piece of grass to whistle and a Grackle started to communicate with me, so I have no idea if Grackles and their related family are also intelligent birds, perhaps not as intelligent as Ravens however.
  10. Tyle

    Tyle Zero Gravity Genie

    He talkin' bout me!

    It could be just me headcanoning but I really like to think of corvids as streetsmart compared to parrots' booksmart. Do you know corvids can also talk?
  11. Tlactl

    Tlactl Zero Gravity Genie

    I fed a blue jay some bread and it offered me a stick. I don't know if that counts though
  12. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Black Hole Surfer

    Indeed x)
    I was also thinking about @Nibolas O Anelbozas, for example
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  13. Nibolas O Anelbozas

    Nibolas O Anelbozas Spaceman Spiff

    Okay, you might want a nice big golden temple for kluex, he demands the blood of the fallen warriors. and our people deserve to ascend to the aether and regain our wings. I can even fund some of it to you
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  14. LilyV3

    LilyV3 Spaceman Spiff

    I guess you are at the stage of "a few days later" with that bird

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  15. Iaeyan Elyuex

    Iaeyan Elyuex Pangalactic Porcupine

    Cockatiel peoples. Cockatiel peoples that scream.
  16. Combozone

    Combozone Phantasmal Quasar

    My Avian OC's last name is based off the Grosbeak, which is related to like a billion different types of birds.
    One of em's got to be smart.
  17. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Black Hole Surfer

    ALright, gonna check that ^^
  18. Biirdy Daysleeper

    Biirdy Daysleeper Pangalactic Porcupine


    Parrots ? Maybe expect the grumpy one I know who's just good at shrieking for food
  19. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Black Hole Surfer

    Parrots like JonTron's Jacques? x)
  20. Tyle

    Tyle Zero Gravity Genie

    I don't know how you're making the world exactly, but if you're planing individuals, how 'bout a cuckatoo that does nothing but scream into cups?


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