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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by FeverDream, Sep 18, 2019.

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    So, baby is making his first real mod, and it's gunna be a series of races based on each blood colour of Homestuck trolls, because I suck at life. Trollbound is great, and I've often played with it, but the sheer differences in abilities between blood colours in the comic made me think that it'd be really cool to have specific Frackin' Races integration for each colour on the hemospectrum.

    Problem is: I suck at life. This is my first time getting into the code of any game short of config files and while I have Skittle's magnificent guides to get me through most of it, I haven't found much on integrating with FU/FR. Has anyone by chance made a guide on how?

    I'd also really love to do some even more advanced things later on, like custom dungeons and ship encounters, tenants, villages and the like. I eat that shit up but I'm at a complete loss as to how to do literally anything, so if anyone has resources I can use to learn, I would love love love the guidance. I'm looking myself as well, but there's literally no guide too basic that you could send me. It's like if your grandma showed up on your doorstep and asked you how to mod Starbound. I'm making some assumptions about your grandma's technical capabilities here, and also getting wildly off topic, both of which I'm sorry for.
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    Hey, sorry for the late reply.

    I don't have a guide that I can throw your way--I'm not even sure if there is one for Frackin Races--but I'd be willing to help you out here and there, if you would like.
    I haven't done some of the things you mentioned (ship encounters, tenants or villages), but I have done a lot of modding towards making races unique (nothing that I've uploaded, just for my own use).

    I'm not saying that I want to do everything for you (and it doesn't sound like you want that either), but I'd be happy to help get you on the right path, and teach you some general stuff.
    I know how frustrating the initial steps of modding can be (often are), so if you're interested, maybe let me know more specifically what you want (and what stage you're at).

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