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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by EmmaJanePretty, Feb 27, 2022.

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    I'll be using Starbound in an upcoming PhD project of mine and I was just looking for a little insight into the depths of this mod. I will eventually be getting people to play this game whilst equipped with various physiological sensors (heart rate etc.) and so I need to insert some code into the game that enables the devices to communicate with this game and sync up. Is this possible based on the depth/limits of modding for Starbound? Or are all of these files and code available for modding?

    It will likely be that the players just play a singular mission/quest accompanied by an NPC, so I just need a starting and ending trigger, starting with the beginning of a mission

    Thank you in advance!
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    I've done something before where you output a specific identifiable string to starbound.log, and then have a program be consuming the log realtime line by line. You could combine this technique to potentially monitor any game event theoretically, assuming you make a mod that overwrites it and log something. You could even just copy + paste the starbound asset files without changing much except adding the identifiable strings

    It might be difficult to build a two-way communication system. You might be able to build a custom server implementation that responds to custom commands and does custom events, but that's probably out of the scope of what you're trying to build. I know less about specific starbound modding limitations here so take this with a grain of salt, might be possible to do what you want more easily. I would probably ask how to communicate with the game externally in the starbound modding discord, they might be able to help more too.

    and depends on the devices you're using and how they interface with Windows/your preferred OS of course

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