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    . For all your wordsmithing needs, written or wrote, ripped or wrought if poetry or books is what you need, then that is what we got.
    We've got poetry and books and sonnets and songs, scrips and screen-writes; you can hardly go wrong.
    Send me a note or drop me a line, for Inkwell industries has got the time.

    Having a dispute with your family? Have you been banished to the dark moon of dorkus 3? well fear not for we have a poet for that.
    "Dear sister,

    Your words are like honey poisoned with wormwood - sweet to the ear, but bitter in the end. I'd smite thee in thy breast were it that you had a heart; you may raise the sun but your veins are full of ice, you may be a goddess but you are more like a devil, your coat may be white but inside you are as black as sin. This prison you have sent me to may be dark and cold... but not as dark or as cold as you."


    Need to have a history report written professionally well we got a writer for that!
    "The Amnimophic spell is a complex spell that (in the simplest of terms)allows the user to keep track of multiple experiments at one time via self writing scrolls and by sending those reports to the caster during predetermined "activators" created when the spell was cast.
    Invented by Starswirl the bearded nearly three hundred years ago during the end of the Griffin wars and was not fully integrated as a standard spell into the scientific pursuits until the signing of the Alicorn peace agreement of 763 thirty five years later.

    During the height of it's use in 814, and the time leading up to that; many ponies lost jobs, many well trained scientist who had spent most of there livelihood studying and training to work in labs had found that the jobs they thought would be waiting for them when they finished there schooling had disappeared, still others who would have otherwise worked as laborers for those scholars lost there jobs as well, with no need for sample handlers or even writers the Equestrian market took a nose dive.
    This inevitably led up to labor disputes between Scientist who used the spell and the workers that claimed it was unfair to use.

    It is ironic that the same spell that caused millions of ponies to lose there jobs and still others to work in fields far below there schooling would inevitably create many more jobs just twelve years later .
    Starswirl was once asked if he regretted creating the amnimophic spell, he was quoted as saying "technological and magical advancements can not and should not be stopped on the basis of money and the pursuit of work, but rather used to create a better world to work in".

    Starswirl's words would ring true when through the use of his spell a new compound was discovered that cured Cushing's Disease(a).
    Now millions of jobs for workers and scholars alike where created practically over night.
    Thousands of work hands where needed to pack and ship the new vaccine as well as scientist to work in labs to create the vaccine, which inevitably meant that more labs had to be built, which created even more jobs for builders and craftquines.

    Before the invention of the amnimophic spell Many experiments could only be theorized as to what the results would be, there was no accurate way (for example) to take test of how rapidly the morphing proses of flesh to stone from the stare of a cockatrice without seriously endangering any scientist or workers in the vicinity, scientist could only make observations from safety, even then the data gathered differed greatly from pony to pony depending on the pony observing.
    Still other experiments required the organization of thousands to calculate the migration of birds, but because one pony may have a diferant perception of how fast the migration was, or even what the precise direction flocks of birds where flying data could only be "ball parked" at best and completely wrong at it's worse.

    It was in 767 when Starswirl realized the full implications of the amnimophic spell, he realized that a scientist in Stalliongrad could measure sunspots and receive data that could later be compared to results received by a scientist in the Fillypines and find that they where exactly the same.
    Because of Starswirl's invention Data gathered by one scientist need not differ from another doing the same experiment, Starswirl was once quoted as saying "it may be possible to to lie using magic but spells never guess".

    Whatever your writing needs, magical or mundane, INKWELL INDUSTRIES that's the name.


    Inkwell Industries reserves the right to refuse any request for any reason IE at our discretion.Inkwell Industries is not responsible for the quality of any literature written or un-written, ideas, concepts exc, IE art is subject to the viewer and thus can not be quantified as good or bad; it simply is what you make of it.
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    Oh cool! Could I have a copy of your most offensive and insulting piece of literature? I want to mail it to a friend.
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    Thank you for choosing Inkwell Industries, have a nice day.
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    One question do you also search in archives?
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    Inkwell Industries has over 9000 Zettabyte of archives from over 23 different sectors in 8 different galaxies. we would love to make an query for you.
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    Good:), are you have access to classified research archives? Or at least some nice story to get me some of my attention, so i don't get bored?
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    While we can't say what we have, I assure you, if you make a request you will not be disappointed. The more specific the request the more pleased you will be.
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    Well i'm need documentation of any engine used to travel between dimensions, or any kind of story, really any, as long as it's have at least one dragon of course.
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    Director of science, offices of the outcasts mercenaries.
    . . .
    Daft Clank: *fiercely* "Now, listen up grunts, We all know what happens when outcast like us get caught by out brainwashed cousins. Now! as you also may have heard we have been assigned a mission by an as of yet unknown entity with a fat wallet to test out a new type of space ship. What you may not know however is that this spaceship has a new kind of propulsion that we believe can be reversed engineered to make a time machine. Here is doctor Ste Plunk to explain why those two things are related and why you should even care."

    Ste Plunk: *excitedly* "Ahem, Mr Clank is correct, these two things are important for a number of reasons but namely, the investor that has hired us has promised that if the test go smoothly we are free to use the prototype as we wish."

    *Excited murmuring*
    Ste Plunk: *Excitedly* "That is correct, we might be able to go back in time to before the glitch ever got . . .a glitch, so to speak"

    The bridge of the Spaceship Archimedes 1.0.
    . . .
    Daft Clank: *Worriedly* "Ready drives one two and three. Begin start-up."

    Cadet one: *Submissively* "Warp-core is stable, all drives nominal."

    Cadet two: *Submissively* "Power levels are stable, I think we're ready sir"

    Daft Clank: *assuredly* Set coordinates for 356, vector 123 and engage.


    Spaship Archimedes AI systems report.

    Life support down. Air locks one and two are non functional, warp core magnetic clamps holding. Fire suppression system active.
    You have landed . . . have a nice day.


    Cy Grind: *worriedly* "Sir where are we? . . . Sir!"

    Hap Eyes: *Dismissively* "it's no use, I've tried to wake him but I think his power core was damaged in the crash. Best thing we can do is to move on with the mission without him.

    . . . KEEEERRR!!! . . .

    Cy Grind: *startled* "Hap, did you hear that?!"
    Hap Eyes: *worriedly* "I don't know, better get your guns ready, this jungle could have anything in it."


    Inkwell here. There may be more reports available but I'm afraid to find them we will need more time.

    Your charge is 1232.06 pixels please make all checks, mony orders, creadit card payments or other to Inkwell Industries.
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    Thanks, that not exactly that data i looked for, but still helpful, i would be happy if you will also get some scientific data, but those mission reports are also good
    *gives credit card
    Edit: oh my god so much typo's!
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    Well I think there may be some more technical stuff on this in our archives. I'll see what I can dig up for you.
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    "Abstract five-dimensional space occurs frequently in mathematics, and is a legitimate construct. Whether or not the real universe in which we live is somehow five-dimensional is a topic that is debated and explored in several branches of physics, including astrophysics and particle physics."
    But I have found a way to warp the very fabric of space time using a new propulsion system.


    The above image is several impervium rings that have been magnetized by passing them through the core of gas giants over and over. Not only is this the only way to magnetize the metal but it has the bonus effect of forcing heaver atoms of matter into the metal which is inevitably useful for keeping open a portal to the fifth dimension.
    As we all know the fifth dimension is a hypothetical extra dimension beyond the usual three spacial dimensions and one time dimension of Relativity.
    As we all know when a space craft travels in ftl it is outside of the normal laws of our 4 dimensional space. I believe that this is because it momentarily enters the fifth dimension.
    Therefore I conclude that one simply has to activate a ftl warp core inside of this Schlegel as I have called it and the portal to the fifth dimension will become stable enough to interact with in our 4 dimensional space.

    I have come up with a spaceship design to house all the components. I have placed a picture of this diagram below.

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    Thank's again, this is interesting, but i already have special system to get to anther dimension. I will just pay 1 million pix in advance, and this data is still helpful cause it increase mu and my scientist information about those projects. if you want know it just say. Now i'm only need more about surviving such travel and this everything i'm need from you.
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    Most data on safe travel is not considered useful as the very nature of this form of travel makes predicting the effects near impossible. HOWEVER I have Intel that suggest super cryostasis surrounded by a masseffect field might do the trick. The masseffect field negates most of any gravitational pull on the ship and the cryostasis acts to protect the person from the as of yet unidentified dangers during the actual dimensional shift.
    Disclaimer: Inkwell Industries is not responsible for death, dismemberment, injury of any kind or loss of property from the use of any lintel it gathers and or is used by those who purchase it.

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