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Infinity: Renascentis

Discussion in 'Hangout Threads' started by Clan Infinity, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Sir.drake

    Sir.drake Cosmic Narwhal

    http://www.baldursgate.com/ play this game it is good
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  2. Britefire

    Britefire Supernova

    Ah, I see then, interesting.
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  3. Britefire

    Britefire Supernova

    On a side note, just managed to pass 60 seconds on the "Hexagon" difficulty of Super Hexagon. :3
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  4. Dat Critter

    Dat Critter Big Damn Hero

    Arcane archer
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  5. CaptainMcManface

    CaptainMcManface Pangalactic Porcupine

    Goodnight infinity.

    my cousins dine on adventurers such as you, i could be tempted but only with the proper seasonings.
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  6. Britefire

    Britefire Supernova

    Night McManFace!

    Adventurer? Don't make me laugh, adventurers are but toys to manipulate.
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  7. Dat Critter

    Dat Critter Big Damn Hero

    Goodnight and you're cousins are cannibals? sounds like a fun bunch O____O
  8. CaptainMcManface

    CaptainMcManface Pangalactic Porcupine

    My cousins are giant spiders good sir.
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  9. Freddy

    Freddy Pangalactic Porcupine

    I just got 2 hrs of community service and 30 dollars for completing a national survey on drug use and health.
    The interviewer was nice and the survey wasn't that bad, nice way to make $30
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  10. Dat Critter

    Dat Critter Big Damn Hero

    ah ok that's understandable i suppose
  11. Force2Reckon

    Force2Reckon Phantasmal Quasar

    Pah, I played the original when I was a child

    Brite, I think you'd like this page.
    It's a thread for a Homebrew base class competition, I suggest reading the "Crazy Hobo's Everywhere" one, each competition has a theme, and the crazy hobo's everywhere theme is insanity.
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  12. AzurianLight

    AzurianLight Void-Bound Voyager

    I have been broken down I will be getting Pokemon Y -sighs- cripes it has been so long since I have played a Pokemon game. Some of you guys were probably in elementary when I last played a game.
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  13. Sir.drake

    Sir.drake Cosmic Narwhal

    if I am a bard then I can sing a battle song :mspaint:
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  14. Blackleaf

    Blackleaf Oxygen Tank

    Tom clancy is dead.
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  15. Sir.drake

    Sir.drake Cosmic Narwhal

    is he
  16. Dat Critter

    Dat Critter Big Damn Hero

    i dont think i'll being hosting another one
    i am kinda dissappointed to be honest
  17. RedScarWolf

    RedScarWolf Spaceman Spiff

    And then the thread died. The End.
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  18. ImmortalFrog

    ImmortalFrog Oxygen Tank

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  19. Squidgi

    Squidgi Oxygen Tank

    My friend got Pokemon X two days ago
    He's a pretty big pimp daddy on Reddit right now
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  20. RedScarWolf

    RedScarWolf Spaceman Spiff

    Your avy scares the hell out of me... :wut:
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