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Industrialization: Starbound Edition 2 (ISE-2) [Enraged Koala] [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Outdated Mods' started by DraLUSAD, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. Zombielogic101

    Zombielogic101 Phantasmal Quasar

    wait......how do I get coal chunks again?
  2. SecretWeaponCoffee

    SecretWeaponCoffee Yeah, You!

    I didn't receive any starting items for this mod and the quest line hasn't activated, so trying to progress blind is pretty impossible and the shreds of information I've found online aren't really worth the effort of searching. I echo the concerns of others when I say some documentation really would be appreciated. It doesn't have to be extensive. A workshop and item list would be ideal but even elementary things like smelting saplings for seed piles is a good place to start.
  3. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

    1. starting items where removed due to compatibility issues, this allowed ,other mods to work with this one
    2. quest line was changed and never got it to work, thus, was removed
    3. most of the info was lost, so yes, you would be going in blind, however, I've tried to simplify it in making it easier to advance and noticeable, but again, i may or if not, have failed in that attempt
    4. Bonus: Concerns for hints and help could be handy, perhaps i should add something to explain better
  4. Nutric

    Nutric Pangalactic Porcupine

    Am I getting something wrong, or is it impossible to crush Cerulium Ore? Pretty sure I upgraded my Crusher with a Resource Module.
  5. Silverduke1

    Silverduke1 Giant Laser Beams

    So teir 2 in industrialization starbound edition starts at teir 3 in game as you need titanium to make machines that state they are teir two machines, and there are now know no gold wires. Is this what its supposed to be like or is this an error?
  6. Nutric

    Nutric Pangalactic Porcupine

    Well, Gold Cable is gone, that's true. And yea, such machines as the Blast Furnace will require Insulated Titanium Wire.
  7. Silverduke1

    Silverduke1 Giant Laser Beams

    ok just wanted to make sure this was right and i wasn't seeing an error or something, thanks for the help
  8. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

    apologies for the lack of replies, hard to keep track of the forums

    as I'm aware, its very rare people come to me about bugs and issues, and if they do, they forget to give me any insights to these issues so that i can mend them

    @Nutric: Cerulium ore can only be crushed via the Tier 3's Crusher (Rotary Crusher)

    @Silverduke1: Yes, gold wires where indeed replaced as now it goes into Tiers of the main bars such as "Iron", "Titanium", "aegisalt", "Cerulium" and "Rubium" where Iron is Copper, crafting each Tiered machine Frames unlock all recipes respectfully for each of the 5 tiers
  9. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

    Once the winter update is released, this mod will become obsolete and will no longer receive further updates, the permissions will continue to stand however this mod i will place under "inheritance", this means if you wish to take over and continue with this mod, please message me for further details, I will actively check my messages.
  10. zilas0

    zilas0 Intergalactic Tourist

    Hey I have problems with installing the mod, when i open the winrar all i see is a file called: ISE2.modpak How do i install it or open it? usually mods comes in a folder but this is just a file pliz help :)
  11. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

  12. NotMyThirdAccount

    NotMyThirdAccount Yeah, You!

    Where can I find tin? Do I have to be on a certain type of planet? What does it look like?
  13. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

    I'm sorry but this is an out-dated source mod, you should also be on "Upbeat Giraffe" if not update now, and fine ISE-3
  14. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

    This mod has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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