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[InDev] Risk of Rain Save Editor!

Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by MrPf1ster, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. MrPf1ster

    MrPf1ster Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Well, I did about 40% of the work for the save editor, and as such it is still in development. Keep in mind that I usually only work on this when I have spare time. So its not my number one priority. Also I suck at drawing in general, so that's why the GUI is really really basic.
    Sorry its not anything more, but I got swamped with schoolwork and general laziness.

    Well guys I recently got hired by a company to program applications. My work was taking up most of the time, as well as finishing up school. So I hadn't really worked on this anymore. Should I have more time in the future I might return to this, but for now I will not continue working on it. If someone messages me I'll give them the visual studio .sln file, but this C# code is crap and nothing to learn off of. Sorry for this, and bye.

    Tips, read before you report a bug:

    - There is no virus. Its sometimes picked up as one since its not commonly downloaded and im not a publisher.
    - Don't bother clicking the Debug, it posts to a non viewable console.
    - Monster logs don't react to click....yet. They now react to click, but don't unlock anything :(.
    - Manual item unlock does not do shit atm, don't touch it unless your the type of guy who likes clicking pointless buttons.
    - Item sets are shy, they don't like appearing. The offensive item set got newfound courage. The others? Not so much...
    - Your save file WILL have a ton of empty lines in it. Its a side effect of not knowing how to read and write to a simple text file well. In newer versions I'll fix this. But as of now the empty lines will stay :whoop:.

    Some Screenshots: (Outdated)

    Features and Planned Features:
    Features so far:
    - Character Unlocking,
    Erm, that's about it.

    Planned Features:
    - Unlocking Monster Logs
    - Unlocking Items
    - Manual Item Unlocking
    - Artifact unlocking (When its out)
    - Record Changing


    ChangeLog: (Newest Release: V3)

    V1 (Release):
    - Character Unlocking
    - Unlock Everything works
    - Layed down basic GUI elements
    - Fixed a miniscule bug as to how the blue backround lined up with the window
    - Monster logs are clickable! But they still don't unlock the monster logs yet
    - Manual item unlock switched to numeric counter instead of text box
    - Made some text bold

    - Completely changed the GUI, it now looks more Risk of Rain-y
    - Offensive Item Set GUI done, you can now open it and scroll through items. No unlocking yet (Sorry ;_; )
    - Got all item images set up correctly, but are yet to be implemented for use.
    (I swear next update you guys will be able to unlock offensive items ;_; )
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      can u update the download link ?

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