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Discussion in 'Mods' started by VonLoewe, Sep 11, 2019.

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    I have two CP mods that are generating small visual artifacts or not completely replacing a vanilla texture, and I'd love some help figuring out how to fix them if possible.

    First is this addon to Ace's Wittily Named Recolor. When I add this mod on top of Ace's, Haley and Emily's house get's an incomplete texture change as shown here:
    Note that with only the base mod and without the addon, the roof is completely changed to the darker shade of pink as intended.
    With the addon I also get a bunch of horizontal artifacts as shown here:

    Lastly, is a small visual bug with Mi's Elegant Furniture (which I bet a lot of people are using). With this mod, the default coffee table in the farmhouse also gets an incomplete change as shown here:

    This is on Android with game version 1.331 and SMAPI for version 1.322 (this one by MartyrPher). Content Patcher is the latest version from Nexus.

    I'd appreciate if someone with more experience than I can pinpoint what the issues are and if they can be fixed, either in the code or in the textures (assuming it's a mod issue and not a SMAPI or Android issue).

    Update: Fixed the table by finding it in the contents file and increasing the height value. Fixed the roof thing by just replacing the textures in the base mod, didn't even look at the contents.

    However I realized that the horizontal line things are present without the addon, and actually come from the base mod. I have no idea how to fix those..
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      To make sure I understand correctly: the horizontal lines are present in Ace's A Wittily Named Recolor even without the additional altered path mod? I'd report that as a bug on Nexus. Was the roof also an issue with the base mod since you replaced those files to fix it or was it an issue with the add on mod?

      Same with your fix to Mi's furniture pack. It looks like this issue was posted about last year in the Bugs section.... I'm curious about this issue and how it may affect other furniture in the pack so I'm going to take a closer look at this tomorrow.

      I suppose the good news is that these are all specific mod issues and not Android or SMAPI issues. Glad you were able to figure out fixes for most of the issues.

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