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Bug/Issue "Incoming client packet has caused exception"

Discussion in 'Support' started by ohyeehuh, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. ohyeehuh

    ohyeehuh Space Hobo

    Hello! So I haven't had any issues with Starbound until I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 (say what you will but I like it).
    The problem is that ever since I did that, my Starbound has been crashing to a message to, "Incoming client packet has caused exception", and it has been doing that very frequently.
    I play single player & no mods at all. I literally can not even progress in the game, given that I am literally almost done with it (only boss to defeat is The Ruin!). It's so annoying, I can't even explore without crashing.
    I've researched from other threads that maybe some of my weapons may be corrupted?
    Some solutions are to delete & trash the corrupted weapons, which is true, I do find them in my inventory & trash them.
    However I do that but the same crashing keeps occurring.
    So not only am I not progressing, but I'm trashing useful now corrupted weapons I used to progress in the game. :\
    I have tried installing & reinstalling but that does not work either.
    I really do not want to trash my character file (because it's the only character that I have with this much legendary items & game progress).

    I'm not really sure what to do now? Is there anything else I could try?
    It seems like I'm forced to delete my character & start a new one. :lod: kms.

    @:chucklefish:: pls fix. pls ;;
  2. jtrex1010

    jtrex1010 Orbital Explorer

  3. Ol' Grey Face

    Ol' Grey Face Void-Bound Voyager

    FFS when are they going to fix this?

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